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Digital artist uses Bill Murray and his ideal face to embody iconic paintings

Por: Ecoo sfera7 de noviembre de 2022

Bill Murray’s face fits perfectly with basically any art masterpiece made in history. Artist Eddy Torigoe has the receits!

One of the main qualities of an actor is the ability to play different characters. Few have achieved such an effect in their career; however, actor Bill Murray seems to have everything a director would want: an ideal face to play anyone.

If you don’t believe it, take a look at the collection of artist and Redditor Eddy Torigoe, who has created a series of portraits with Bill Murray’s face. It all started with a photo of the actor posted on the Reddit platform. Looking at Murray’s angle and expression, the artist thought it was very similar to a portrait of George Washington.

Without a second thought, Torigoe superimposed Murray’s face on top of the Washington painting, and voila: the actor was now the American founding father himself. This painting was the beginning of what is now a series in honor of Bill Murray. Alleging his natural camouflage, the Reddit artist recreated paintings by various painters (from Rembrandt to Van Gogh) with the actor’s face and turned them into iconic modern interpretations of the adaptive power of a face. Will your face work the same way?

Bill Murray and the way we share the same face

After completing hundreds of portraits with the same expression, Torigoe recognized the perfect way in which Bill Murray fits into the pictures. Will the actor have an almost perfect facial distribution? Is it a mere coincidence? Will Murray share physical traits with a good number of people?

The reality is that it is not known what Murray’s face hides to make it almost suitable with everything, but what we could think is that we all somehow share a common physical structure.

Although each person is endowed with different superficial characteristics, the truth is that we share a lot. According to physicist Riccardo Sabatini, a person’s genetic code has some 262,000 pages, but only 500 of them are the ones that give authenticity. In other words, what makes you, you, are those 500 pages, but the rest is exactly the same as all the other human beings in the world. Now, do you think Bill Murray’s face is a perfect match? We don’t.

Story originally published in Spanish in Ecoosfera

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