Bird Tattoos That Will Remind You To Fly With Your Own Wings

Birds have always played a crucial role in our system of beliefs. Thats what makes them a great choice if youre looking for a meaningful tattoo.

For many ancient cultures, birds played a crucial role in their development and system of beliefs. For some of them like the Egyptians or Polynesians, these animals were the primeval deities that created the world. For others, birds were messengers that created a bridge between deities and humans. In some myths, deities took the form of birds to visit the earth and interact with humans. Due to their colors and ability to fly, birds have been considered mystic and unique creatures that embody our desires. 

Most types represent freedom. Others, the nobility within us. Those with regal colors and feathers are the embodiment of beauty and elegance. Some are used as the main iconography of love and peace, while those with a strong sight represent knowledge and intelligence, and of course, there are others that portray death and decay. There are birds symbolizing any concept you can imagine. For that reason, if you’re looking for tattoo ideas that portray your personality, I bet there’s a bird that will do the job for you.


Cardinals are the epitome of resilience and strength. These small birds can survive in very cold weathers and strong winds, and yet, they can fly around with a grace that inspires many. Their bright red colors are unique and make them visually alluring. If you’re a person with lots of energy and passion for life, this is definitely your best choice.



In Chinese culture, roosters represent family and protection, but also hard work and loyalty. However, they’re also symbols of hard work and intelligence. Their ability to wake up early and at the same time every year has become an icon of persistence, organization, guidance, bravery, honesty, renewal, and sense of duty. Moreover, they’re the ones who always seek and get the best opportunities in life due to their ability to seize every moment.



No surprise here, doves are symbols of peace and love all over the world. The dove is the sign of God’s promise to his followers in Judaeo-Christian religions and naturally, the imagery remained for thousands of years. However, it not only has that meaning due to the Bible. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, doves were the emblem of Aphrodite and Venus respectively, and thus, symbols of love and beauty. They have passed to also represent, purity, grace, and kindness, so if these are your principal traits, doves are the perfect choice for you.


Eagles or falcons

For centuries, eagles have been used as political icons of power and strength. Just take a look at all the countries that have it as their main emblem. This comes from ancient civilizations. In Egypt, Horus had a human shape with the face of a falcon. Zeus was associated with the power and grandeur of the eagle. Now, it's often associated with manhood and virility, but originally it was the emblem of strength and ambition. So, if you feel identified don’t hesitate and get this majestic bird.



Recently, flamingos have become a popular design due to their relation to tropical weathers and the bright colors of their feathers. Their body shape makes them so alluring due to their long and slim figure. If you love them and are actually thinking of getting this unique and curious creature, perhaps you'd like to know that they represent beauty, elegance, vitality, and energy. It’s the whole package.



Probably the most popular type of birds you’ll see in tattoos, hummingbirds are really fascinating creatures. For some cultures in the Caribbean, this tiny but majestic bird represents beauty and grace, while in other countries it’s a symbol of energy (due to their fast wing movements), passion, and vitality. Ancient Aztecs believed these birds were sacred talismans that guided them and saw them as representations of strength and vitality. 



Sometimes it’s great to be a little extra in life. If you agree, then you could consider getting a peacock tattoo. These birds have, in my opinion, the most alluring and mesmerizing colors and feathers of all. Their majestic pose and regality are often associated with egocentrism and narcissism. However, they’re also symbols of piety, kindness, compassion, and knowledge. So, there’s always a way to relate to this gorgeous creature. 



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