Black And White Illustrations Of What Every Woman Wants But Is Afraid To Ask

Black And White Illustrations Of What Every Woman Wants But Is Afraid To Ask

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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 9, 2017

Design Black And White Illustrations Of What Every Woman Wants But Is Afraid To Ask
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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 9, 2017

What do women want?

Bondage What Women Want

This question is not just the premise of that Mel Gibson film where the macho archetype ends up trying out hot wax strips and a bra. It’s something that goes through the minds of several men on a daily basis.


There is a scene that proves vital within this romantic comedy. Despite the character finding it impossible to live with the thoughts of all the nearby females in his head, he does find a silver lining.

What Women Want Fantasy

During a sexual encounter the main character finds himself providing a woman with the best sex of her life. His ability to hear her thoughts helps him anticipate what she desires, how, and where. It also makes him unafraid to give her what she wants.

What Women Want Crack the Whip

One of the different subjects delved in the film seems to be that women never say out loud what they want in bed. It also seems to have inspired the illustration series titled Smell of Sleep. While it’s physically impossible to read or hear your partner’s thoughts, patience can help you uncover and explore the perverse aspect inhabiting every woman. It can become a form of intuition that can be sensed in order to be experienced together.  

What Women Want But Are Afraid To Ask

What women want is not to hide their perversions, but to freely enjoy their sexual encounters. They dream with discovering that their fantasies can also be realities. Some of these desires are:

What do Women Want?

Cunnilingus and the Black Kiss.

To yield the whip and then be whipped.

Unravelling What Women Want

Sex in places other than the usual bedroom.

Switching the role of the dominant and the submissive in the same night.

Ideas on What Women Want

Sex implies constantly changing the role of who’s in charge and who’s at the other’s mercy. It’s the first stage of desire: tongue and sweat confused on the skin. There can be bondage, gags, and blindfolds. Even tied hands can hold on to vibrators, dildos, and lube.

What Women Really Want is BDSM

Sex is not just penetration, but all of the above. It’s friction and several objects. It’s about being observed. It’s contemplating how the other reaches their own pleasure.

What Women Really Want in Bed

The best kind of sex is the dirty one. It can be so brutal and obscene that it reaches the limits and crosses them. It’s all about finding the place that will hurt, the moment you find incredible satisfaction only to then be in agony once more. But instead of giving up, you only want to keep going. At times both parties give in to their desire while still clothed and far from reaching the bed. When both partners can dress in each other’s fantasies, they can also find a new way to reach their peak of pleasure.

Illustrations of What Women Want

These black and white drawings provide a brief glimpse into the outcomes of a sexual encounter. It poses the idea that when no one limits fantasies and turns them into reality, one can listen to the rhythm of their partner’s pulse under the skin and sweat.

Unravelling What Women Want

Allow these sketches to inspire you in having the best sex of your life tonight.


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Translated by María Suárez