Brain Tattoo Designs To Keep You Down To Earth When Reaching Your Goals

If youre looking for a tattoo design to encourage you to grow and focus on your goals, stop looking. We have what you need: brain tattoos.

There’s nothing more attractive than someone with a brilliant, focused brain. Now, when I say brilliant, I’m not talking about IQ or about how good they are at solving difficult math equations, or how much of a genius they might be. I’m talking about people who really know how to lead their lives with intelligence, both intellectual and emotional. Whether you’re one of those super smart people who know how to achieve that perfect balance, or you’re looking for inspiration to actually reach your goals in an intelligent way, these tattoos are perfect for you.

These designs have become quite trendy in the past few months, mainly for that quest of enlightenment we all have in our lives. But why the brain? First, raise your hands, those of you who have been advised to follow their hearts whenever they have to make an important decision. We have all been told that, and it’s great, to an extent, but sometimes our emotions (a.k.a. our hearts) can be a reckless mess, so we need to keep that perfect balance between mind and heart. 

If you think about it, not only is the brain one of the most visually intricate and mesmerizing organs in the human body, it’s also the one that regulates basically everything going on in our body, including our emotions and intellect. The heart, on the other hand, though quite important, of course, is more of a symbol we like to use when talking about feelings and emotions, but it all goes back to the brain as well. This might sound quite technical, but it’s also a nice metaphor for that balance we should all have in life.

Most of these designs, as you can see, appeal to that desirable balance in a very appealing way. From hearts and brains merged in one, to literal hands balancing them, it’s that state of mind and soul needed to achieve anything we want. Every goal you set in life must be achieved by following both our mind and hearts so that they’re set on solid ground in our lives. Remove either of them from the equation and it would be as if you were building everything on quicksand.

Besides that, there’s something quite alluring about these brain designs, and that’s the mystery that surrounds this organ. From a medical and scientific point of view, we know there’s still a lot about the brain and its functions we don’t really know. This could also be a nice meaning for your tattoo: that mystery and enigma we all have as part of our individuality and personality. 

All of this might have sounded a bit cheesy, which proves my point that we need a reminder to use our brains to balance our emotions. I’m actually already making my appointment at the tattoo parlor to get that cool reminder inked on my skin. I believe it’s also quite a versatile symbol you can use for whatever purpose you want, either for this nice life reminder, only for its amazing aesthetic, or even if you’re a zombie inside and you want a little snack engraved on your skin. As you can see, there are tons of cool designs for every taste you can pick from, so you just have to choose your motif and be inspired.


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