6 Tattoo Designs To Get Over Heartbreak In 2019

6 Tattoo Designs To Get Over Heartbreak In 2019

Who said getting a tattoo to mark a difficult moment in life wasn't the best idea?

You know what they say about not getting tattoos when you’re not emotionally stable: infatuated, heartbroken, angry, and all those lovely emotions that can prevent us from thinking more objectively. You know what, I totally get that, you don’t want to pull out a Johnny Depp with his “wino forever” (though I think it’s one of the funniest things ever). But at the same time, I do think that great things can come from being in an emotional situation. For instance, when my grandfather passed away, I decided to get a tattoo honoring him as a grieving method. Nowadays, this tat is still one of my favorites and the one that makes me feel better whenever I see it. 

Now, this won’t have anything to do with making crazy choices or getting a tattoo out of an unstable impulse. On the contrary, I strongly believe that, no matter the reason why things ended, a breakup requires a mourning and grieving process. Getting a tattoo that helps you going through it can be a great healing experience. So, here are some recommendations that actually can have a positive message and mark on you (literally).


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It’s well known that this mythical creature represents rebirth in many cultures. A breakup can be a great moment to reconsider our life and feel like being born again as new and free beings. As I said before, it doesn’t really matter why your relationship came to an end and how things ended with that person, but it’s a fact that the experience left a negative impact on you. Turn all those things into ashes and revive as a new version of yourself, just as the glorious phoenix does.


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Ending a relationship isn't only a matter of (metaphorically) burning everything of that moment to become a new person. Some people actually take these experiences as a means of learning and evolving to change their lives. If you’re like that, you could use the metamorphosis of the butterfly to represent your inner transformation without forgetting where you come from.


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This one’s pretty self-explanatory as well. We devote much of our time and emotions to a relationship, so the moment it ends, we tend to feel lost, not knowing where to head now. Getting a compass tattoo can remind you of the path you want to follow so that you don’t look back. You can mix this symbol with other meaningful images to remember the destination you're aiming at.

Tree of Life

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Like the Phoenix, the tree of life is an important symbol for many cultures and religions, like the Celts, Aztecs, Buddhists, and even Christianity. This has come to represent change and growth. It alludes to the idea of learning from mistakes and the past to grow. You have your own roots and history, but they won’t really change who you are or who you want to become. Each branch and leaf represents a moment in your life, and no matter how painful it can be, at the end it helps make a greater and more beautiful picture.

Lunar Phases

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The phases of the moon have become a symbol of the ever-changing process we face throughout our lives. No matter the cycle you're living (in this case, a breakup), things aren't permanent, but in the end, just like the moon, you'll end up shining bright and beautiful.


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Finally, there are some experiences in life that make us want to fly away to a new horizon and life. Although this can be something difficult to do, getting a pair of wings can be a nice symbol to represent your will to be free on an emotional level. But more than just running away from everything, you could take the meaning Hinduism has given to this symbol: being free and detached from earthly things to contemplate the whole picture from above. This symbol is about analyzing and understanding what you want in life in a more objective way.

There are so many reasons to get a tattoo. Whether it’s for esthetic and visual purposes or if you want something meaningful to represent you, these designs can really become a cathartic way to go through the ups and downs of life.

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