Insect Tattoos That Match Your Soul And Love Of Nature’s Beauty

Design Insect Tattoos That Match Your Soul And Love Of Nature’s Beauty

Through folklore and religion we can see that as humans we’ve been mesmerized with the way Nature continuously offers insights into the mysteries of the universe. While bugs and insect tend to be at the center of our phobias and repulsion, we can’t deny their peculiar esthetic can become a beautiful addition to our body art. These invertebrates have the ability to bring us closer to understanding the world around us.

If you’re looking into getting a tattoo in the shape of these curious beings, here are some ideas to look into:


These winged creatures represent a delicate yet strong-willed soul. Some travel thousands of miles in order to mate in the most favorable conditions. Nothing can stop their determination to fulfill their purpose. They also symbolize the body and soul’s evolution through their transformation from caterpillar into butterfly.

Insect Tattoo Designs Butterfly-w636-h600


According to Buddhism, dragonflies embody our spirit’s ability of transformation. Despite their fragile bodies, they can also travel great distances. In literature they’re often associated with fairies.

Insect Tattoo Designs Dragonfly-w636-h600

Scarab Beetles

In ancient Egypt, scarabs were revered and seen as representations of the God Khepri, who symbolized the changes that happen throughout life. This insect’s hard exoskeleton has often been seen as a sign of how the human spirit can endure difficult moments.

Insect Tattoo Designs Scarab Beetle-w636-h600


Few beings in nature are as persistent as spiders. They weave their web until the end. Nothing can tear them away from their purpose. They wait until the right moment to attack their prey. If you’re willing to be as strong-willed as the spider to get to where you want to be, you know it will take time, but you’ll eventually get there.

Insect Tattoo Designs  Spider-w636-h600


If you play an instrument or are a fan of music, you’ve probably found your soul animal in crickets. You’re likely to hear them serenading the moon on starry nights.

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The mysteries and paradoxes of creation are perfectly represented in each of these insects. Which of these matches your personality? Would you want to add one of them to your tattoo collection?

The art of tattoos is an entire universe that lets our imagination run wild with possibilities and choices.

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Translated by María Suárez