4 Ways To Decorate Your Pad Inspired By Marijuana Designs

4 Ways To Decorate Your Pad Inspired By Marijuana Designs

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By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

May 2, 2017

Design 4 Ways To Decorate Your Pad Inspired By Marijuana Designs


We’re living a new era of cannabis. It’s not that the plant per se has changed; I’m talking about everything related to it. Now that its recreational use is legal in some states of the United States and in some countries, the way it is distributed, promoted, and consumed has changed drastically. Now, it's common for many different companies to release new products and even create new ways to consume this drug. We have chewing gums, distillates, balm lotions, oils, coffee, and there’s also an International Church of Cannabis.

There’s also been a clear evolution in its distribution process. Forget about those days you received your marijuana in a transparent plastic bag in an alleyway. Distributors have really managed to make the experience unique and they have even invented beautiful modern packages for their consumers. Moreover, dispensaries are no longer the garage of a creepy guy or an improvised store behind an alley; there are some impressive shops that intend to erase the image of the shady, illegal business.

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The cannabis craze has taken over all of our everyday spaces. Now there are clothes with marijuana patterns, gourmet edibles, cannabis coffee, etc. So it was just about time for cannabis to be the inspiration for home decoration. If you're living the cannabis lifestyle and wish to take it to the next level, here are 4 ways you can incorporate the marijuana design into your home decor, without resorting to huge images of Bob Marley and painting your walls with Rastafarian colors 


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Stencils are the best way to add images to your wall without the need to hire an artist or being one yourself. Of course, the marijuana leaf must blend with your decoration. You can go for bright colors to contrast with your design or decorate your room with light and neutral colors, so the marijuana leaf stands out. 


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If you want something more subtle, there are literally millions of options you can go for. You can choose a simple design of the leaf or, if you're a real connoisseur, you can even place the chemical formula of Cannabis. It's up to you.


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Cushions are a great way to show your love for marijuana without painting a leaf on your wall. You can make your favorite couch even more comfortable and, more importantly, you can turn it into your special place to relax and let your mind go.

Home Decor

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What about a set of potholders (pun not intended), a welcoming rug, or a cookie jar? You can also get a light switcher with a leaf pattern. Or for a more DIY project, you can place an actual leaf in a flower vase to add an original touch. 


While there are still many marijuana designs that make references to Bob Marley and the Rastafarian movement, now it's possible to find new designs for every taste. The most important thing, and what dispensaries are trying to create, is a relaxing space where people can feel at ease. So, bear that in mind while choosing the perfect items to decorate your marijuana inspired pad.



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