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Assault, Drugs, And Alcohol: Pink Images That Shatter Our PC World

8 de junio de 2018

María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Pink is dainty, sweet, and tender? No more. It's raunchy, bitchy, and ready to kick ass.

Pink is dainty, sweet, and tender. Blue is strong and relentless. These two colors hold a weight of meaning and the cultural norms shape their significance and the preference people may have towards them. We wonder if there's a truth to the myth that men prefer blue and women like pink. Marco del Giudice, Italian Psychologist, decided to find out the origin behind this belief and he searched a database of over five million english language books from 1800-2000. He found that there were no mentions of "pink for a boy" but what he did find was that from 1890 onwards there were more mentions tying girls with pink. So what's the real significance of this color when shaping our identity and can it be subverted?

Cécile Hoodie is a French artist who creates amazing and provocative photographs to poke fun at what's generally considered to be the feminine world. Through a pop and sometimes kitschy aesthetic, she delves into many different subjects from love and relationships to sexual consent, gender violence, drug use and discrimination. She doesn't shy away from controversy, on the contrary, she anchors this in her work and makes it her centerpiece. For me, the most shocking image is of the underwear with the inscription that says "stop," it reminds you of all the cases of sexual assault that have to come light in recent years and how media is quick to lash out with "she should've said no, it's her fault for being drunk anyways."

She faces stereotypes and discrimination head on with simple objects like blood vials labelled "black" and white" and in the background saccharine hearts that mock people that say "deep inside we are all the same" when discrimination and racism is rampant and hidden away behind sweet and hypocritical smiles.

In an interview with Red Milk Magazine, she also expressed how love and sex have a direct “influence in our happiness and distress”. So, one of the things that intrigue her the most and inspire her to deal with these subjects is how the dual nature of love and sex can really change a person, sometimes for the worse.

While her work has a comedic edge to difficult subjects, there's an underlying pain as well. Her work is a chronicle of her life's story, for example, her artistic name is an homage to a friend who was murdered around the time she began her project. Her work is a life album that chronicles the experiences of a woman who goes through heartbreak, laughter, and joy.

If you want to see more of her images, take a look at her official Instagram: @cecile_hodie


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María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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