Star Tattoos That Will Connect You To The Cosmos

Star Tattoos That Will Connect You To The Cosmos

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By: Rodrigo Ayala

March 21, 2017

Design Star Tattoos That Will Connect You To The Cosmos
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By: Rodrigo Ayala

March 21, 2017

The Swedish metal band Vintersorg has a song about the universe titled “A Dialogue with the Stars.”

These myriads of stars enchants me with their oddity 
At cosmos entrance hall, where time and space units in a charade
Under crimson flares I watch the tempest of the universe 
In dark artistry, I lionize the splendorous glare

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These lyrics demonstrate how humanity has always felt curiosity regarding the mysteries of the cosmos. We’ve all asked ourselves what lies beyond the stars. The first men to walk the Earth would have them as their only source of light amidst the darkness. They were fearful of them yet felt a strong pull towards them.

Stars are a mystical symbol of the immense spirituality humans constantly seek. The intense glow which they use to light up the heavens mirrors the plight of humanity’s search for purpose. That could be the reason why so many choose stars as an element to add on their skin. Through these images they’re able to remind themselves of their connection to the universe and the mysteries of life.

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Carl Sagan would often say “We are made of star-stuff” when explaining how the elements of these celestial bodies are the origins behind everything in the universe, including human beings. Perhaps this is the reason why those in science as well as art constantly present their fascination towards these galactic objects.

Protection, light, inspiration, hopes, eternity, and oblivion, these are just some of the concepts we associate with stars. Each of us is a universe, a constellation of a million stars in the shape of thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and fears.

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A tattoo featuring one or several of these celestial bodies is a representation of ourselves, as well as our connection to both the cosmos and Earth. Stars observe our plight from the immensity of space in the same way as we look into their glow.

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Vintersorg continues with their tribute towards these mysterious inhabitants of the universe:

An unearthly voice of euphony express itself in an ancient tongue. 
Its elocution is based on silence, so it pulsates through the five senses. 
It’s like a poem of wisdom and wizardry navigating through the world. 
A legacy from nebulas, an endless mystic conversation.

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Have you ever felt incredibly small when looking at the stars? Seeing them through a telescope, in photographs, or through your window is a good way or reminding yourself that existence is temporary. We need to make the most of the present in order to find the passion, joy, and willingness to transcend. When you tattoo a star on your body think of it as making a pact with yourself to enjoy life.

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Whether it’s on your neck, arms, legs, wrists, or any other part of your body, stars will look as beautiful and mystical on your skin as they do in the sky. By taking them from the immensity of space and placing them on yourself, you’ll feel as if you’ve become part of the cosmos itself.

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Translated by María Suárez