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24 Creative Arm Tattoo Designs For Men That All Women Love

17 de marzo de 2018

Ariel Rodriguez

Leave the cartoonish tats behind and take a look at these elegant minimalistic designs.

There is an irresistible sensation some ladies feel whenever a man has ink on his skin. Before we expand on the subject, I’d like to mention that some women prefer the artistic value behind the design, rather than how much ink a man can have. It’s a quality vs quantity kind of dilemma. Not saying that men with tons of tattoos are not sexy – there’s David Beckham. But women would probably pay more attention to details and other characteristic within a tattoo, like its meaning, originality, illustrations, and the location where it was placed. With that being said, I’d like to show you some of the designs that would make any gal say “wow!”

Arm tattoos are the best place to impress a lady, especially because you can show them off while wearing a casual attire. Recently, there has been a trend among geometrical tattoos. Some would call them simple, but I see them as original. “Less is more,” some say, meaning that you don’t need a massive design placed on your arms in order to transmit your style. Lined geometric tattoos are seen as elegant and distinctive. They add on a man’s personality youth, fashion, and confidence.

My favorite ones are triangles with a shadowy effect and symmetrical figures. The visual illusion of circles, rectangles, and maps captures anyone’s attention. These designs can be expanded even further by adding images in lighter-dark tones inside the figures. Like an lion wave trapped inside a triangle.

There are also nature tattoos for those who want something bigger and more impressive. These tattoo ideas are an obsession for women to look at because of the amount of details incorporated in them and the cuteness that animal faces can transmit. These go perfect on the arms and can go from trees to bears, wolves, and deers staring at nothingness. What these nature tattoos say about you is your passion for forest creatures, as well as your concern for preserving the wonders of nature.

Arrow tattoos have many meanings. They can tell you are either a leader or just going with the wind. Truth is, they can be placed anywhere and in any size. These minimalistic designs are perfect for those who like simplicity. They can be easily be noticed and look amazing in a variety of colors.

Speaking of minimalist tattoos, the fashion trend that are arm bands are irresistible for women. They are pretty much a straight line that circles the entire arm. They look great on any area of the arm but I would place them just before or after the shoulder. Additional lines can always be added, as well as a combination between different thickness, sizes, and designs.

If you are trying to show your sensitive side with and elegant and simple tat that also goes well with a male personality, silhouettes and outlines of women and animals are what you are looking for. To me, these minimalistic tattoos can bring a man’s artistic side out. People consider you soulful, smoochy, and erotic. Varieties include female faces, people kissing, and other parts of the human body.

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Ariel Rodriguez

Creative Writer


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