14 Crow Tattoo Designs That Will Inspire You To Be True To Yourself

April 3, 2018

|Ariel Rodriguez
crow tattoo design

Some people find them scary, but why shouldn't we celebrate these creatures' beauty?

On my work desk sits a statue of a raven from the TV series Game of Thrones. To be more specific, it is the “Three Eyed Raven.” I like how this TV show portrays these black mystical birds, not as something evil or a bad omen, but as messengers of important news and seers of the future. Although ravens and crows are mistakenly believed to be the same animal, they belong to the same family and share similar traits. It all comes down to size, feathers, beaks, and the sounds they produce, which is hard for normal folks to distinguish. What’s important about ravens and crows is their mystical and mythological history. Crows are dynamic and powerful birds that symbolize the arrival of death, intelligence, and honesty. It is up to you which meaning you wish to imbue your design, but it's always good to know the stories of this fabled black bird.

crow tattoo design 1

crow tattoo design 2

Crows are guides to the spirit world and if you see one in your dreams it means an important message is about to arrive. A crow tattoo is a perfect design if you feel you are constantly in flux and you're trying to shape who you are and what you believe in. The symbol of a crow can help you discover who you are and remind you not to listen to the toxic beliefs of others.

crow tattoo design 3

Crows are misunderstood creatures, they are inoffensive birds not that different from doves and pigeons. This tell us that our identities can find similarities to our black-feathered birds. We are sometimes labeled and criticized by others who don’t know us. Like crows, we must not pay attention to what others think about us because we know ourselves better than anyone else. We know who we are, and whatever our appearance says about ourselves shouldn’t make us a target for other people's judgement.

crow tattoo design 4

As far as design, these birds are dynamic. You can get one on your back, arms, or shoulders. If you wish to come up with your own interpretation, you can do so too. Adding a skull can symbolize a lucky moment when someone escaped death. It can mean your ties to the divine, and if its design includes other elements like the moon it can be interpreted as a transformation.

crow tattoo design 5

My favorite symbol of the crow is found in Japanese mythology, as they were seen as the birds of love and wisdom. With so many meanings under pining this beautiful bird, I would suggest getting the design in a visible place, to remind you of who you are and what you stand for.


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Ariel Rodriguez

Ariel Rodriguez

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