Discrete And Delicate Ideas For Finger Tattoos

Discrete And Delicate Ideas For Finger Tattoos

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By: Carolina Romero

April 3, 2017

Design Discrete And Delicate Ideas For Finger Tattoos
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By: Carolina Romero

April 3, 2017

Having tattoos means facing uncertainty. Our constant internal evolution could mean that, at some point, we might not be happy with our final choice. Perhaps this is why choosing our design and placement is critical. This is especially important for those who want a discrete, intimate, and meaningful body art.

 Finger tattoos can be a great way to have a small, subtle, powerful sketch on your body. Here are a few ideas for designs that are just about right balance.

Stylized side designs

They might be elongated, but they’re not flashy. Designs of plants, herbs, flowers, or arrows go perfect on your phalanges.

Finger Tattoos Arrows-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Flower5-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Lavender-w636-h600

Deeply rooted symbolism

Symbols are not for mere decoration, for they depend on the emotional link you connect them with.

Finger Tattoos Bird Cage-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Lotus-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Semi Colon-w636-h600

Tattoos for two

Share a tattoo match with a friend, sibling, parent, or partner. They’ll remind you of the permanent connection between the two of you.

Finger Tattoos Lock and Key-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Anchor-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Infinity-w636-h600


Tattoos made on a spur of the moment don’t need to be bad ideas. A simple design can satisfy your itch for ink without a big commitment.

Finger Tattoos Palm Tree-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Swallow-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Elephant6-w636-h600

Wisdom keepsakes

Keeping a tattoo on your sleeve will remind you of life lessons of knowledge and optimism to combat whatever life throws at you.

Finger Tattoos Crown-w636-h600

Finger Tattoos Chevron -w636-h600

At the end of the day, whatever you place on your skin will be your own decision. This design will become a part of you that represents that moment and those feelings you experienced when you got it. It will lift your spirits or remind you what you’ve overcome. It will be a testament to the person you’ve become.

Would you get a tattoo with your partner?

If fingers are too on the nose, what about a wrist tattoo?

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