The Best DIY Inspiration That Will Keep Your Room Organized And Chic

As time passes we keep collecting stuff in our places that at some point end up being a nuisance but we refuse to throw them away for whatever reason. After realizing I had so many stuff of that sort, I had to really do something to store them, here are some of the hacks and tips I used to make my room look nice and chic.

I’m going to start, as if this was a support group, by admitting that I’m a hoarder. It’s in my veins. Hoarding runs in my DNA with relatives literally having hundreds of pairs of shoes they’ve never worn, packs of dishes and cutlery stored in the living room ready to give to whoever gets married or moves out from their parents‘ house (I actually got mine not so long ago), or even plastic bags filled with rags they evidently should’ve disposed, not years nor months but decades ago. As you can see my family could benefit from those TV shows that help these people. 

But going back to me, my case isn’t that severe. I mean, perhaps I could get rid of half of my stuff since I don’t really use them but I want to believe that my case is more of a storage issue rather than an acute hoarding problem. What happened was that I have a small closet and as soon as I could no longer put things in there I started storing my stuff in plastic and cardboard boxes piled in my room and after literally months of my room looking as if I had just moved in, I had had enough. So, I took a dip into the depths of the Internet for tips and hacks to make my room more habitable and pleasantly looking. So, if you’re in a similar situation, take a look at some ideas that really helped me organize my stuff. 


Floating Shelves

Pexels: Dominika Roseclay

I know I’m going to sound like an old woman, but floating shelves are my favorite thing in the world right now. What’s great about these is that they’re literally attached to the wall so they don’t take a lot of your space and allow you to place more furniture under them. More importantly, they are so easy and affordable to install that they’re a great choice to start with your renovations. You just have to get a hollow wood board, a piece of strong wood (called cleat) that fits perfectly in the hollow part of your board and some nails to secure it. Once you’ve marked where you want your shelf to be placed, nail the piece of wood to the wall with strong nails. Apply a special glue in the hollow part of the board and assemble it. To secure it more, put some nails where the board and the cleat meet and voila! You can actually place as many as you can to store all your stuff since this is a very resistant shelf technique. 


Multipurpose Storage Board

Unsplash: mintelsdotcom

These are my second favorite thing to organize a room. Again, since they go directly on your wall so you can place them anywhere without taking a lot of the space. There are many types of boards but my favorites and the ones that I think help more to store stuff are definitely pegboards. These as well come in a wide variety of materials and sizes so you can get the one that goes better with your decoration or actually make them by yourself. The most common ones (and the easiest to make) are the wooden ones. You’ll just need a resistant wood board and a drill to make the holes. I’d advise you to sand the board well even through the holes (you have no idea how many splinters I got in the process). To give it a nice and chic look, see it as if it were a part of your decoration and paint it with a nice design. The hikes help to attach stuff to the board without the risk of them falling so you can put it on the head of your bed to place a lamp or even decorations like plants, right in front of your desk to store some supplies and documents, or even with your beauty vanity table to place a mirror and your makeup. 


Folding Furniture


We’ve seen them on the Internet and we all love them due to its clever and space-saving nature. Folding furniture is literally those that go attached to your walls that can be easily taken out or placed back whenever you want, helping you to save tons of space, because let’s be honest, we don’t use all the furniture in our rooms on a daily basis. You can go for a nice nightstand or a desk, or there are even amazing pieces to store shoes. Best part, some of them are really inexpensive and some of them you can actually do them from scratch with some little carpenter knowledge.


Original Shoe Storage

Unsplash: Jake Goossen

For me, one of my biggest problems was actually shoes. Not that I’m like my aunt that has hundreds (I wish!) but I do have plenty of them and storing them without damaging them had been a nightmare in the past. There are many options you can go for but I actually found these two the best for me. The first one, and you’ll love the process, is using wine boxes. Once I had nursed a terrible hangover, I wrapped them with a nice paper to hide the brand of the box and assembled them making a tower. I put in each of the separations flat shoes, sandals, and thin sneakers. Now, for the rest of my shoes that wouldn’t actually fit the spaces, I got some metal tubes and placed them on the wall (you can get those racks used for towels in the bathroom). These were great for heels or even boots by just placing them as if they were shelves. Plus, you can arrange them by colors and they’ll look as part of your decoration.


Wall Pegs

I saw this idea on the Internet and I definitely loved it, not only because it’s very useful for small things but also because they look so cute on the walls. I picked about a dozen of vintage drawer pulls and door knobs and attached them to the wall in a kind of crazy organization. I use this to hang necklaces, pashminas, scarves, and basically, whatever that comes into my mind, and it really looks very original.

It might sound a bit exaggerated but I’m being really honest with you. You have no idea how much of a life-changing these tips were. Not only because I was finally able to get rid of my hideous boxes, but also because I actually was happy, for the first time in ages, to get into my room without worrying about how horrible it looked. Besides that, unlike what I believed, I spent a very little amount of money which also made me extremely happy. And as a bonus, if you’re like me who basically sucks at these sort of manual works, you’ll feel very content and proud of what you’re capable of doing, seriously.


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