Is An Expensive Tattoo Done By A Famous Artist Really All That?

What do we look for when we decide to get a tattoo?

What do we look for when we decide to get a tattoo? Do we pay more attention to the esthetic part and the design? Or is the meaning and what it represents more important? Every person has their own preferences when it comes to tattoos, but an interesting (and numerous) group of people thinks that the best tattoo has to be done by a famous artist. Does that really matter? Surely, people who decide to spend an excessive amount of money to get a tattoo made by a renowned tattooer must have pretty good reasons to do it, right?

Doctor Woo

Artists like Dr. Woo, a renowned tattoo artist who works in Los Angeles, or Luke Wessman from Tennessee, are in high demand due to their fame on social media and, sure, their talent and style, too. Along with other famous tattoo artists, they’re famous for a reason, like their special techniques and innovative designs. But there’s always the possibility that what starts as the recognition of talent soon becomes the strange effect of fame attracting more fame for its own sake. I’m not saying that that’s their case, but it happens very frequently. 

Sasha Unisex

In some cases, it’s clear why a lot of people would want to get a tattoo done by a specific artist. Often, we’re attracted to an artist's unique style just as we’re fascinated by the work of a specific painter. Other times, we feel a special connection with the artist’s particular ideas or life philosophy, which we believe will translate into the final results. Tattoo artists like Sasha Unisex and Roxx gained fame because their styles are wildly different, clearly unique and stunning, and people are paying for their ideal tattoo just like others would pay for an original sculpture.


Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A few tattoo artists have gained fame thanks to television shows and many people get their tattoos not because they love them but because they think about tattoos as a sort of brand. Also, they probably want to have an anecdote like: “You know who did this tattoo? Famous Person #3! Cool, right? There were so nice...” Is the tattoo-as-a-brand a good reason to spend your money? If you just want to meet someone you’ve seen on TV and take a picture with them, I’m sure you can manage to do that without having to pay an insane amount of money for a tattoo that you don’t really like that much.

Luke Wessman 

If you actually like the artist’s style and not just the fact that they’re famous, a great thing you can do is to look for emerging artists that are just as talented. You will probably find one whose work is way more interesting and innovative, and you’ll have the chance to discover new tattoo techniques and ideas while doing it. Most importantly, after some research you’ll be able to get your ideal tattoo without putting at risk your personal finances. But hey, it’s your money, and it’s your body. So, do as you wish, but research options before choosing the first one you find, because that’s rarely the best one.

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