27 Dragonfly Tattoos That'll Help You Find Inner Peace

27 Dragonfly Tattoos That'll Help You Find Inner Peace

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From protective luck fairies to symbols of prosperity, these dragonfly tattoos will change your life.

By Kate Nateras

Whenever you see a dragonfly wandering through your window, don’t try to catch it, since this free-spirited fairy has chosen to protect you and bring you luck.

dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

Since the dawn of time, when only a few humans inhabited the planet, fairies appeared to help them with their daily activities and bring them some luck. However, Aine, the fairy goddess, forbid them to bond with them since it would alter the natural order of life. Some fairies ignored the order and befriended the humans, while others even engaged in forbidden relationships. When Aine found out, she decided to punish them all by taking their ability to speak. Still, she decided to allow them to keep their ability to read their thoughts, their intuition, their beauty, and their magical powers to grant wishes.

As time passed and Aine saw that their behavior had improved, she decided to bring them back to their original form. However, fairies refused, since they felt their new form gave them the freedom they'd never had. And thus, dragonflies have accompanied us ever since. It’s said that if you see one flying around you, you should tell them your dreams and wishes. If they’re resting on a leaf, it means they're working on making them happen. 

There are ways to benefit from the powers of dragonflies and carrying one on your skin is one of them.

dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength



dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

For a promising future, you should definitely go for a simple yet clear design. That would mean you trust them, and they’ll repay that loyalty with prosperity.


dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

Dragonfly tattoos can be a great reminder that fairies are always with you. That means good luck and always being protected. A composition of three or more dragonflies will secure you long-lasting luck in the future.


dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

If you want the fairies to give you strength, you should definitely get a dragonfly tattoo on a painful part of the body. This means you’re strong and can handle difficult things in your life. The fairies will help you embrace that strength in your future endeavors.



dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

One of fairies' ancient jobs was to keep peace in the world until humanity made it impossible for them to carry on. That’s why dragonflies are only seen in calm, tranquil places; if you see them flying near, that’s because they’re trying to calm the situation. Having a small dragonfly on your body can be a cool reminder that things can always get better and that peace is achievable if you work hard. 


dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strength

A symmetrical dragonfly represents balance and serenity in life. If the thing you love the most is harmony, then you have to go for a simple symmetrical dragonfly to remind you that you can face stress with calm and peace.


dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strengthA moving dragonfly or a not-that-realistic design can represent your aim to change and move on with your life. Get out of that monotonous life and try new things. Let that unconventional dragonfly guide you to new experiences and adventures.



dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strengthGive your life more sense with a detailed and lifelike dragonfly design. That way, every time you see it you’ll know you must keep your feet on the ground and see things as they are. Being realistic is the only way you can really grow and know the path you want to follow in your life.

Someone who’s passed away

dragonfly tattoo ideas meaning peace strengthAccording to legend, fairies used to bring the souls of the departed to a safe place where happiness reigned. That’s why a dragonfly tattoo can represent reassurance that the person you loved is in a better and happier place. Make it as colorful and vibrant as those great moments you shared together.


Embrace the power and magic of fairies represented in dragonflies, the living amulets for protection and luck. Not only are they mesmerizing, but they will also remind you every day how to find inner peace and how to grow as a person. It doesn’t matter what design you choose or which meaning you want to convey, as long as it fills you with joy and inner peace.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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