Easy And Meaningful Gifts You Can Make With Little Or No Money At All

Economize your holiday presents with these easy and personalized ideas for your loved ones.

Holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: the annual frenzy of Christmas shopping. And yes, I know that most of your purchases won’t be for you. This time of the year, we always look for something special for our parents, close relatives, siblings, and if that's the case, our partner. If this wasn’t enough concern, the adventure behind going to a mall and making your way into crowded shops has turned a gesture of love into a Herculean task as Christmas Eve approaches.

Even if we manage to get inside a store, the real issue comes when we have to make up our minds and choose something to buy. We're looking for a present that our loved ones will appreciate, so we certainly aim for a gift that carries a special meaning. And most of the time, because of this, we end up spending significant amounts of money just to find the ideal surprise.


If you’re as tired of having to get into these exhausting adventures every year, and by any chance you have some crafting abilities within you, then I highly recommend you to consider less expensive and more meaningful options. I know what you’re going to say: most people end up throwing away crafted gifts. To be honest, these handmade presents are not meaningful, hence people don’t feel like keeping them. That’s why I will give you some ideas that can be made at home and still have a meaning for your special someone. Most of them don’t require particular crafting skills. This way, you’ll end up saving a lot of money and, at the same time, you’ll save yourself from all the madness at the mall.


Wood Wine Stopper

It really doesn’t matter if you’re making a present for your family, a friend, or your significant other. You can’t go wrong with wine-related gifts. You’ll need a piece of hardwood, a hand saw, a belt sander, a wood stain, a cork stopper, and super glue. Use a hand saw to cut chunks off the block of wood and give it a geometrical form. With the belt sander, smooth out each of the sides that you cut. Varnish the stain all over the wood and let it dry. Finally, glue the cork stopper to the bottom of the piece of wood. 

If your budget isn’t too tight, you may also include a bottle of their favorite wine!


Arrow Bookmark

If any of your loved ones happens to be a bookworm, this present will be perfect for them. You’ll need an ice cream stick, needle and thread, glue, scissors or a penknife, and Washi tape (optional). Cut the stick, approximately 3 cm from the end. Afterwards, cut the remaining stick into two (roughly of the same size). Arrange the two newly cut sticks in parallel and draw a triangle (I recommend you tape the back so they don’t move around). Glue the three parts together to make an arrow. Stitch the elastic strap from both ends to make a loop, and then sew the arrow to it. If you feel like it, cover the arrow with Washi tape for a more colorful result. 

Scrabble Coasters

Hoping that none of the people you're giving presents to is underaged, coasters are definitely the way to go. Plus, they can be really easy to make and end up being really useful. You’ll need Scrabble tiles, cork, a penknife, and super glue. I highly recommend you to use the bottom edge of the cork to make sure your coasters stay in line. Glue the words you want on each coaster and let it dry. Cut out the cork slowly and, if you feel like it, cover the coaster with a water-based sealer. 


Photo Display

To create a special gift, use special memories. Because printing photos has become very unpopular in this digital era, a photo display can turn out to be a very original idea. You’ll need a 12″ Wood Embroidery Hoop, a 8″Wood Embroidery Hoop, a 6″ Wood Embroidery Hoop, 15 mini Clothespins, craft wire, wood Gel Stain, and 15 of your favorite pictures with your loved one.

Varnish the hoops and clothespins with wood stain. Afterwards, glue the clothespins around the hoop frames (hot glue guns are highly recommended for this). Then, use the craft wire to join the hoops and create a hanging mobile. Finally, attach the photos with the clothespins.


Now that you know you can avoid your way into wild people at malls, relax and have sip from your hot chocolate with marshmallows while crafting easy and meaningful gifts that your loved ones will enjoy and cherish.

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Photo Credit: Scarlet Moon Photography

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