Elegant Arm Tattoos For Classy People

Design Elegant Arm Tattoos For Classy People

Long gone are the days when tattoos were something considered exclusive to sailors, bikers, and rockstars. Nowadays, almost anyone can proudly show a tattoo on their skin. They have turned into a sort of jewel we commit to show forever on our skin. Because of the commitment it implies, we have to choose our designs carefully, making sure we'll be comfortable wearing them for years to come.

If we pick designs that look elegant in any context, the chances of regretting our tattoos are really low. The design must be precious enough so we can show it off in any occasion, to the point that we will proudly display them during our everyday activities and the most important days of our lives. Luckily, there's a huge range of talented designers out there who have conceived invaluable jewels that anyone would proudly wear in their arms throughout the resting years of their lives, as if they were a permanent luxury watch, a pearl necklace, or a golden wristband. 

It could be a magnificent lotus flower

elegant am tattoos
The lotus flower is an ancient Buddhist symbol of inner peace and balance. If we combine it with geometric patterns, we can see how much of maths lies latent within nature. It's an image of both strength and peace. 

Or a curvy wristband 

elegant arm tattoos

Circling the arm and wrist, this design not only alludes to a light wrist chain, but also to the movement of orbits, surrounded by stars, moons, and planets. A cosmic and elegant choice. 

A minimalistic pattern connecting lines, circles, and dots...

elegant arm tattoos
According to Russian painter Wassilly Kandinsky, dots and lines are the basic elements of any composition. Since they represent the movement and concentration of light, they're the simplest of shapes our eyes can see. A good choice for those that look for the connecting points in life and the lines that link them. 

A geometric combination of shapes that create an astronomical chart

elegant arm tattoos
Against the light of the skin, these shapes look as if they were taken from a fifteenth century Geometry scroll.

A rounded wave 

elegant arm tattoos

Reminiscing Hokusai's wave, this tattoo follows a circle pattern, reaching a balance between an organic form and geometric minimalism. 

Or lines going around your whole arms 

elegant arm tattoos

If we are patient and confident enough, we can make our whole arms like God's sketchbook, dividing ourselves into many parts by geometrical shapes that fit beautifully with our own personal anatomy. 

A beautiful withered leaf ...

elegant arm tattoos

Its graceful form and its rumpled corners would be a constant reminder of life's impermanence and how everything that's beautiful will eventually decay. 

Or maybe ... the whole lunar cycle 

elegant arm tattoos
A design like this would connect you forever to the night sky, forever reminding you of the constant changes in things and how life constantly repeats its cycles over and over again. 

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