NSFW Illustrations That Take Cosmic Pleasure To New Levels

The artist does not illustrate the obvious, instead the designs allow your brain to fill in the blanks with imagination

That morning the beautiful girl left her house with dark circle under her eyes, feeling vulnerable, and well masturbated.

Such intense pleasure happens behind closed doors and for a select few, but once you emerge into the outside world, the remnants of this pleasure are neatly tucked away. It is the secrecy of orgasms that gives it another edge altogether, another layer of desire and satisfaction. As you kiss someone's cheek when you meet them for breakfast, they'll never guess that a few hours before you were arching your back and your senses were tingling.

Your pleasure is your own and only you will ever know every sensation caused by your fingertips slowly grazing your skin. Every single evocative moment of pleasure you experience is a universe of its own and from day to day it evolves and transforms.

Pleasure is a secret best shared with those that will expand your universe with sensations. Sex is complex and where your desires and those of others are mixed together with the sole purpose of a cosmic finish. These illustrations leave everything to the imagination, you are forced to fill in the empty spaces and infuse everything with color. Vanja Đurić creates wet, clinging bodies reaching the true taste of ecstasy.

Every sense is awakened, the moaning and the creaking and where you start and they finish no longer matters, all that it matters is the final orgasm. As you gyrate, twist and turn, you lose sight of whose hips you are holding and whose waist you're hanging onto.

So, let yourself go and wander in that infinite cosmos that is your own pleasure.

Images by: @apnovapno


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