Looking for flower tattoos ideas? These are the artist you should follow on IG right now

Flower tattoos are so diverse that being done in one style can be quite intimidating or too delicate and cute. The key is to find the right artists and define the style you want to put on your skin.

There are even very realistic tattoos, more illustrative or abstract, and can be done in full color or totally toned down with blackwork.


But be careful. Remember that some color skins are prone to fade the tattoos faster, whether they are done in color or just linework, so before choosing a tattoo artist, pick a style and then look for someone who specializes in it.

Many of the artists have their own designs, but feel free to ask for specific kinds of flowers and maybe send them some references, but remember that the key of a tattoo is to have a unique and special piece of art, so better let your artist work on you own design based on the references you give them rather than sticking to a single Instagram design.


So, if you are looking for a spectacular flower tattoo, these are the artists that you should follow on Instagram, and once and for all, book an appointment. Please, have in mind that most of them have fully booked agendas, so better stay tuned for when they open it and, in some cases, they are located in very specific countries so better plan your trip once you have booked an appointment.

Artists specialized in line and blackwork

Fher Val - Mexico / U.S

Wolfgang - London

Axel Ejsmont - Berlin, Germany

Fer Solley - Hamburg, Germany

Lucía Serrano - Mexico City / Barcelona

Jess Chen - Toronto

Delicate and tiny flower tattoos

Doy - South Korea

Donghwa - South Korea


Mini Lau - South Korea

Realistic flowers

Mumi ink - South Korea

Rita - Ukraine and Bali

Bryan Gutierrez - New York

Colorful tattoos

Cecilia Páramo - Dublin, Ireland

Pony Wave - Los Angeles

Yuuz - New York

Harry - UK / Germany

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