18 Sensual Illustrations By Flupieland That Show What Women Are Really Like When Were Alone

What are the things you do when no ones watching you? Do you dance naked all over your place or just enjoy your solitude by meditating?

For me, the best pleasures in life are food, sex, and getting back home after a tough day, taking my bra off, to just lay on the bed. It’s not really a matter of bras being uncomfortable (although they can be), but taking them off represents freedom. I’d really love to say that this isn’t really a gender issue, but it is. And it’s not only a tiny issue like a bra. Even when the world has slightly changed there are still some stigma and taboos about how we have to present ourselves in front of others, how we should dress, behave, the activities we can develop to avoid being called out by others, and the list could go on an on. 

At the end of the day, our house becomes a shelter to protect ourselves from the endless judging eyes we have to face every single day, and of course, the place where we can freely be our most intimate and private selves. Some people, myself included, still find it hard to go completely wild and enjoy the freedom of solitude. Do you remember that episode of Friends when Rachel is alone in the apartment and decides to see what’s like to be completely naked after Phoebe tells her it’s the best thing ever? Well, something like that.

I decided to try it once, and it didn’t go as I expected. I was afraid that someone could somehow see through the curtains of my apartment and see me, and not even that, I didn’t feel entirely comfortable, on the contrary, I felt vulnerable even though I was alone. So, is it possible to be absolutely free to do whatever we want without our prejudices playing us tricks?

I guess it is, and these illustrations are somehow an encouragement to do so. The artist that calls herself Flupieland, about whom there isn’t too much information except for her freeing artwork, gives us a whole new perspective on all the things we could do when no one’s watching us. From walking naked through your house to exploring your sexuality, she offers a range of possibilities we all should be able to embrace.

Her female characters are envisioned with honesty and relatability. Yes, they might somehow reflect the commonplace fantasy of women getting naked and touching themselves when they're alone. While that's something many do, it could also enter the same category as the fantasies of girls sleepovers. The honesty in her work is related to her characters' faces and the emotions they portray. They’re not only happy women enjoying their solitude, they meditate about it, and also experiment with it. They are sad, playful, sensual, meditative, cool, and bold women letting their emotions run as free as possible. That’s what makes them more realistic and relatable.

If you want to see more of this artist’s work, take a look at her Instagram page: @flupieland


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