Bold Pop Illustrations That Blur The Line Between Passion And Perversion

Bold Pop Illustrations That Blur The Line Between Passion And Perversion

By: Josue Brocca -

If we can be aroused by smell, is it possible that we could be turned on just by looking just at a color or a particular shape? 
Fucci's illustrations make us believe that it is so. Creating images that open a window into a luscious and bold world, the Finish-Canadian designer manipulates our sexual impulses, creating curvy and vibrant post pop depictions of women that make us forget where we draw the line between passion and perversion. 

fucci illlustrator
As a graphic designer, his knowledge over the color wheel has given him the capacity to create complex and alluring color schemes that have the power of arousing the strangest of sensations in his viewers, giving the illusion of volume and texture to his curvy and playful artwork. With a background at the prestigious Savannah College Of Art and Design in Georgia, Fucci chooses meticulously the pantone for every single detail in his pieces. The key to this sumptuous world is in the building a playful chromatic scheme that is capable of producing an organic emotion over the eye of the beholder. 

fucci illustrator

His vibrant images exude passion and desire.  Capturing a lush side of femininity, he often depicts a side to arousal that is not usual in the media. Actually, as he stated on an interview for The Fader, some of his followers thought of him to be a woman because of his acute portrayal of the sensitive erotic side of being a woman.  

fucci illustrator
Despite the praises, others have considered his work to be too straightforward and have even accused him of only depicting images of perversion. This connection could be explained by the fact that the artist is inspired by comic-book drawings and pin-up models. By seizing the sensual and playful tone of these vintage images, Fucci has managed to capture a relatable portrayal of feminine sexuality. Whilst some claim his work to be misogynistic, he has defended his posture by saying that he empowers rather than degrades. The nudity of his characters celebrate the body and not as an object of desire. The naked women that are bared are unique and are confident in the colorful world they inhabit. As we skim through his work that beckon our touch we can confidently say that they're neither degrading nor pornographic. 

fucci illustrator 
The scenes in his illustrations are undoubtedly sexual but far more erotic than pornographic. The alluring vibes of the images come from the precise choice of color which provides his work with a carnality that almost makes us think of certain tastes when we look at it. Nevertheless, the purpose of his work is not only to provide the viewer with a strange sensation of arousal. His sense of humor is also a constant element in his work, making him create acidic reflections on the nature of our sexuality.  

fucci illustrator
He, for example, portrays the hands of a woman pressing together the boobs of a doll, replacing the nipples with a sad emoji. We might chuckle with this image but beneath its simple veneer lies a social commentary on the cultural obsession with the female body and the constant objectification of the same. 
Witty and precise. 

fucci illustrator
Fucci also uses humor in his paintings and we as an audience are privy to the inside jokes once we look really closely at them. For instance comparing a nipple to the volume button of an amplifier is an excellent metaphor that raising the volume on a stereo is the same as raising our libido through foreplay. 

In another of his illustrations, a naked woman sits on a couch in front of a black and white Keith Haring inspired painting, which depicts a group of people miming the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." This tongue-in-cheek illustration alludes to the prudish behavior of people when it comes to nudity but the protagonist appears to be completely unaffected, comfortable in her own nudity. 

fucci illustrator

By mixing the right vibrant colors and  lush curves, Fucci creates art that is capable of arousing both our primal instincts and an inner erotic reflection. His vibrant illustrations lie right in the line between the erotic and the perverted, dazzling us with a playful combination of volume and bright colors. 

You can follow more of Fucci's work on Instagram and his official website

Eroticism can take many forms and shapes, going from cheesy romantic love to even singular and trashy punk expressions. Don't judge yourself for your sexual habits; even the creator of Superman had his own peculiar fetishes

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