4 Effortless Headboards You Can Adapt To Your Personality

A headboard can be the missing item you've been needing to complete your space.

A bedroom should be a place for meditation and energy recharging. We sometimes don’t see the importance of transforming a our bedroom until we start to decorate. A great way to give your room a warm style is by adding a headboard. While headboards, like all bedroom furniture sets, are very expensive, you don’t have to spend tons of money because you can build your own –and it’s more simple than you think. Here are some ideas that can inspire your very own with recycle items and other non-expensive materials.

Upholstered headboards

This headboard style requires minimal effort and little material. It is one of my favorites because of its pillowy texture. First, I would suggest choosing a fabric and color that goes well with the rest of the bed set. Measure your bed and get a plywood from a supply store with the desired height and length, you can always get it cut to match your bed and try to go as tall as you can for an elegant look. Other materials you will need are: foam, batting, spray adhesive, a staple gun, and the fabric that will match your decor with. Here are some designs that turned out great:


Wooden headboards

With this one, you might require the assistance of somebody with advanced skills on carpentry or even a shop, if necessary. It's always a good idea to recycle other wooden materials, specially if these are big enough to cover your bed's width. The good thing about the wooden headboards is that they can be very long lasting and go well with other wooden furniture items in the room. You can customize it by painting it to match you room’s palette and attachments with gems, fabrics, and lights will make it stand out. In some of the following ideas, doors and other wooden furniture sheets, were simply cut out to the desired length in order to get a rustic style headboard, it's that easy.

Panels as headboards

If you are more of practical individual and don’t really have the items, tools, and skills necessary to build the headboards suggested above, you can always go for panels. Panels are light, affordable, and can be placed onto the walls with the help of a drill and screws. You can buy these at any home improvement store and they will give you the appearance of any other regular wooden headboard.


Headboards with recycled items

I found amazing and creative ideas with unthinkable recycled items like books, oars, and a number of objects you I never imagined. This is perfect for those who don’t even own a drill. They can be added with the help of hot glue. Coming up with your own idea depends on what items you can spare for this project.


There are other creative ideas with recycled windows, doors, and even photo frames. These photographs should give you an idea on how to build your own, so you can improvise and start planning your next project. There are hundreds of ideas to choose from. I personally like when they add Christmas lights to the inside of the headboards, since it makes the bedroom look magical and original. If you are not a crafty person, don't worry, you can always have someone help you build it. The main purpose here is to let your creative side take over.



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