Vibrant Illustrations That Will Teach You The Art Of Passion And Pleasure

Do you need the whole picture to spark your deepest fantasies?

Is there a recipe for glorious sex? Perhaps some sexy music to set the mood, some flowers and candles to create a romantic atmosphere, and maybe some playful foreplay to set everything into motion. I think we all have some sort of routine, so to speak, we develop through experience that works for us most of the time. Just as we have our own steps to cook our favorite dishes, the key to recipes is that they give us direct instructions to follow in order to create whatever we’re making. When it comes to cook books, it's as if they were giving you precise instructions for a lab experiment, and in most cases, it works. But can we apply the same methodology to sex? Shouldn’t it have some spontaneity to make it even more special? I mean, even with the most specific cooking recipes, sometimes we add our special touch to make it even tastier.

There are tons of books that, in the same fashion, are supposed to teach you step-by-step how to perform successfully in the bedroom, but do they really work? The thing is that when it comes to sex and passion sometimes the best thing is to let ourselves get into the situation without overthinking it too much, and for that reason, most of these alleged recipes for the best sex are most likely a fraud. However, this happens mainly because they take the matter so seriously that they end up being the worst killjoys ever.

So, let’s rephrase our original question. Can there be a great recipe for the best sex ever? You might be wondering why the insistence on the recipe comparison. I swear it's not a random reference. Actually, it's one of the main subjects in French artist and designer Helene Boutanos’ series, called “Noble Parties.” Here, she presents an alternative format inspired by cooking books to give us the perfect sex recipe. Her three-color minimalist illustrations provide an interesting take on visual eroticism by giving us just cuts, or better said ingredients, to spice our sexual experiences to the maximum.

In Boutanos’ work, it’s all about the imagination and playfulness to really boost our most passionate drives. As she explains, the idea was to create images that don’t show the viewer everything. She shows forms that might not be understood at first, but that, once you look closely and start picturing it in your mind, the image becomes the best spark for your imagination. These then become ingredients you start adding to your mental casserole to prepare the hottest and tastiest sensual dishes.

It all started as part of a job where she was asked to create subtle publicity for a lubricant campaign, but after the project was cancelled, the idea of playing with subtlety, yet showing really heated erotic moments, got stuck in her mind until she finally envisioned her complete series. The use of colors is also important for creating a really subtle minimalist imagery: using only purples, pinks, and reds, merged with neutrals, she really highlights what she wants our mind to decode afterwards.

So, with clear and playful instructions like “control the temperature” (contrôler la température), “add pepper to taste” (pimenter à volonté), or “check the firmness" (vérifier la fermeté), Boutanos invites us to use our hands and every part of our body to mix those tasty ingredients. At the end of the day, the final dish is the least relevant aspect of the recipe; it's the actual process of preparing it where she encourages us to focus our attention and effort. With just a pinch of dexterity and all your passions in mind, you’ll be able to create and recreate the recipe for glorious sex as many times as you so desire.

If you want to see more of her projects, take a look at her Instagram account: @heleneboutanos


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