5 Reasons Why You Should Really Consider Getting A Helix Ear Tattoo

If you decide to enhance your cartilage by getting this minimal tattoo, you’ll be able to say a lot with very little.

Decisiveness is a trait I admire in others and one that's actually necessary when getting a tattoo. I’ve always wanted it for myself, but ever since I can remember I’ve reserved way too much time to think carefully about things before doing them. Maybe you feel the same way, and that indecisiveness has stopped you from getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted. Most likely that happens because you still haven't found the right design. If you're still searching for a design that won't stop being trendy, even with the passing of time, or a new tat to enhance your looks, the helix ear tattoo is an option you should consider. Here are five reasons why this type of tattoo might be perfect for you:

It won’t go out of style


Helix tattoos are very trendy right now, especially on Instagram. However, popularity isn't a reason enough to get a tattoo. Then, how can you know if a trendy design will grow old or distasteful in a couple of years or even months? You have to learn how to look at trends to discern which ones will die out quickly and which ones will become classics. This type of tattoo, I’m sure, belongs to the last category. It's minimalism is gorgeous, and a good design can look both futuristic and ancestral, so it has a timeless quality.


It’s subtle


Maybe at this point of your life getting a big, scandalous tattoo feels like being the loud person in the center of the room. You know there’s nothing wrong with an incredibly elaborate tattoo, but right now you just want a tattoo that’s just like you: subtle, elegant, unimposing, and still hard to ignore. That's why helix tattoos are your best option.

It’s adaptable


The best part of this type of tattoo is that you can wear your hair up whenever you want to show it off, and you can let it loose when you want to cover it up. A helix tattoo will also match any outfit and social situation because it isn't as outstanding, and yet it gives an elegant touch to your overall look. Not even people who think tattoos are "inappropriate" can have a comment against such a cool and sophisticated design.

It’s sexy


Any tattoo you get will bring attention to the body part where it is located, so a nice design on your ear can enhance those sexy kisses on your ear when things get steamy. Nevertheless, the sexiness of this design is sure to stand out whether you're single, your partner doesn't care about tattoos, or you just want to get a tattoo to please yourself.

It can replace a piercing


The mild physical discomfort that a tattoo causes only lasts for a few days. Piercings, on the other hand, require a bit more maintenance. The helix tattoo can work as a piercing or an accessory for your ear. The best part about this is that it can become an ornament to enhance your features and improve your looks, no matter what you want to wear in any given day.



The elegant sexiness and sophistication of this tattoo has made it a trend that's going to become a classic, as well as your best choice for a new tat. Of course, you can happily brag about it on Instagram, but the best part of a helix tattoo goes beyond that. No earring or accessory will be as gorgeous and enhancing.

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