Tattoos High Fashion Models Love To Show Off On The Runway That You’ll Want To Get

Tattoos High Fashion Models Love To Show Off On The Runway That You’ll Want To Get

By: Eduardo L -

When you’re looking for an outfit, do you ever think, “this would look great with a tattoo”? While it’s not something you can buy off the rack and throw out if you change your mind later, body art can still be the one thing that adds the finishing touches to your look. Because of their permanent nature, tats are not meant to be selected at random and without much thought.

high fashion tattoos chiara

Choosing what you want to get is not unlike that one designer bag you’re willing to splurge on once a year. You need to think about the design, color, style, statement, as well as placement and artist in order to make your decision.

The inked population has changed. Businessmen and housewives are now part of the many people who are proud to show off their tattoos. But if what you’re looking for is something that goes with your trendsetting fashion sense, you can take a glimpse at how haute couture models use them to enhance the outfits they wear during Fashion Week’s many catwalks.

Small monochrome designs

erin wansson runway model tattoos

Several top models have turned these into the ultimate expression of femininity. These are not the random heart or butterfly you’d see in the early days of mainstream tattoos. These are personal details that only you may be able to decipher. To the world, it might be a cute little drawing, but you know what it really means.  

runway model tattoos small designs

Drawn along the spine

diego fragoso runway model tattoos

This is an incredibly subtle way of getting some art on your back that is flattering while still classy. This is not that Chinese or Arabic lettering that you’re not quite sure means what you want it to say. These are geometric shapes, vertical quotes in a language you understand, or a custom design from your favorite artist. Always talk with your artist about what you want and don’t want, look at their other works and see if you’re both on the same page.

runway model tattoos back

Standing on the collarbone

cole morh runway model tattoos

Like the previous placement, this area is also a very painful one because of the closeness to the bone. So really think about what you’re getting. However, the final results could be amazing. Horizontal designs look best.

collarbone runway model tattoos

In all-out Technicolor

Tasha Tilberg runway model tattoos

Many first-timers are afraid of going for color because they worry it might look cheap or tacky, but trying out a small design with only two hues can change you mind completely.

runway model tattoos colorful

On the wrists and ankles

Northwood Blyth runway model tattoos

This is a model favorite that is also catching on to the rest of the female population. Because this type is quite common, go for a custom design, instead of one picked from the catalogue.

runway model tattoos ankles

Hands touching hands

runway model tattoos cara delevigne

This is a place where you can have a little fun with the tattoo you choose. A silly design can brighten up your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be the entire back of the hand. These details can be on the palm, the fingers, knuckles, etc. Just remember this is a very delicate area that will require maintenance retouches to keep it looking great.

runway model tattoos hand designs

Remember that beyond going for a random drawing or quote, this is a piece of art that will stay your whole life with you. Think of it as a fashion item you’ll always keep with you and that will also tell a story to the world.

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Translated by María Suárez