How To Avoid Having Your New Pad Look Like You Just Moved In... 6 Months Later

How To Avoid Having Your New Pad Look Like You Just Moved In... 6 Months Later

No, not having any decoration or furniture isn't a minimalist style.

Moving in by ourselves is one of those key moments in our lives, and for that reason, it can also be extremely overwhelming. We want to prove we’re capable of achieving it, and if you’re kind of a stubborn proud person like myself, you won’t even allow your parents to help you in the process. But let’s face it, unless you’re rich or have a lot of free time, making your house look homey and nice right at the moment is quite difficult because you have to get furniture as well as need the time to organize and decorate everything. 

The first time I moved by myself was when I moved abroad to do my master's degree. I got a great room in a nice apartment, and although it was already furnished something was missing. It looked so ordinary and standard, so it didn’t really make me feel like I was at home. So after two months living in my void and cold room, I decided to upgrade it and make it my own. Naturally, I didn’t have the time nor I wanted to invest that much, since I wasn’t going to stay for a long time. So, if you’re so tired of that void and messy pad that looks as if you had just moved in that day, take a look at what I did to make my place comfy.

Shelves and more shelves

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Shelves are the second best thing in the world only right after bacon. Seriously, they can make any place look better while helping you store whatever you want. Now, if you’re not so into buying some furniture there are many easy and affordable ways to make your own. Besides that, sometimes we’re afraid of making huge modifications when we’re renting a place. However, the shelves like the ones you see in these pictures only require two tiny holes on the wall that can be fixed easily when you leave that place, so you don’t have to worry that much. The trick here is to mix your stuff, like books, albums, or even boxes you don’t want to unbox, with some decoration to make it more personal and unique.


Go crazy with crates

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Yes! Crates are the best thing to organize your pad in an easy, inexpensive, and stylish way. You can get them basically at every home store, but if you want to save a little bit of extra money, you can go directly to your local market and make a deal with the merchants (although they won’t be in the best conditions, so you’ll probably have to make some fixing job on them). Now, you can create endless types of furniture, from extremely original bookshelves to nightstands, or even Ottoman chairs (that are great to store stuff inside as well). You just have to be creative enough to come up with ideas that will help you get rid of all those carton boxes you’ve been piling in one corner.


Let your walls speak for you

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Okay, minimalism doesn't mean you've done nothing at all. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse in home decor than bare blank walls. Take advantage of all that space they give you to show your personality in your apartment. Try placing some artwork, paint the walls with a combination of colors you like, put some photos, or even bring some life to them with very fashionable Christmas lights. There are many options you can go for to make it look like this is your place without having to spend so much money or energy. If you’re scared of painting because it’s a rental, just talk to your landlord. I bet they won’t mind as long as you leave it as it was when you leave, or maybe they like what you’re doing and will allow you to do some other alterations. The thing is that you must be comfortable where you live, and making that space your own is the best way to achieve it.


Bring life to your pad with plants

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I’ve always said that nothing brings life to a space so beautifully like a plant. I’m a plant lover (even when they don’t like me that much) because they can really change how a place looks. You only have to make sure you’re getting one that will fit your apartment's conditions, like the amount of light that enters, the temperature, and so on. Also, if you’re not that much into taking constant care of them, you can look for one that doesn’t need so many attentions like cactuses or succulents (that are so trendy right now, by the way). You could even kill two birds with one shot and place your plants on the walls or on your shelves. Believe me, they are the best home decor you will find.


Make your clothes part of the decoration

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This is probably my favorite tip because it took me so long to find a solution like this when I moved in, and I honestly think it looks amazing. So, the apartment I was living had only one tiny closet, and I decided to take basically all my clothes with me, so I had to store them on my luggage for months because I had no other place to put them until I found these amazing ideas. You can do it with basically anything that allows you to place your hangers. Tubes, thick branches, wooden ladders, anything basically. Now, to make it look even more beautiful, try using that alternative closet for clothes of matching colors, so it really looks like part of your decoration.


So, you have many options to get rid of those boxes that have been sitting there waiting to be thrown away. Well, as an extra tip, if you can’t really make all these changes so easily but still want your place to look a bit more neat and less blank, you could try wrapping those boxes with a nice paper and pile them. You can use them as a table or nightstand. The idea is to bring life to your apartment and make it look as if someone is living there!


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