5 Easy Steps To Make A Beautiful Piñata For Your Posada

Wondering how to make a piñata? Piñatas are essential to have a traditional Mexican Posada, not only because of their religious and cultural meaning, but also because of the fun and joy they bring to the celebration.

Piñatas are a fun element that makes any party better. Though the origins of piñatas are shared between China and Mexico, the Mexican piñata’s the one that’s known all over the world. So, before you get started on yours, it’s important to know the difference between regular piñatas and the traditional ones that have been around for centuries. The latter were exclusively created for the Christmas celebrations called posadas, and eventually, their shapes evolved to be used at any celebration. 

The posada piñata is a star with seven spikes that represent each of the seven deadly sins. Its bright colors are thought to be the devil's pompous way to lure us to sin, and that’s why it must be broken. Now, traditionally you have to be blindfolded to break it (as a symbol of blind faith in God). The stick used is God’s love and trust in us to do the right thing, so when it’s finally broken you can enjoy the treats God gives you as a reward for your bravery and faith. 


So, now that you know a little bit about the story behind the posada piñata, let’s see if you can make your own piñata.


You’ll need:

1 big balloon (or a clay vase if you want to be even more traditional)

Several square pieces of newspaper 

School glue 


Tissue or crepe paper of different colors


Seven sheets of thin cardboard (you can use cereal boxes)

Step 1: Creating the star

This is the most important step of all, since it will determine how strong your piñata will be. Inflate the big balloon until you reach the desired size. Then, get a bowl and mix two parts of school glue with one part of water. Carefully put a bit of the glue mixture on the balloon and place a piece of newspaper; repeat the process until you’ve covered the entire surface of the balloon. Let it dry a bit and repeat until you have at least five layers of paper and glue. Let it dry completely, and cut a hole on the top to fill the piñata later. This is the perfect moment to make two holes on the top and add a rope to hang it (it’s easier to decorate when it’s hanged).

Step 2: Making the star’s spikes

Place a cardboard sheet on the table. Tie a cord the length of the desired size of the cone to a pen or pencil and place the cord end on one of the cardboard’s tips. Extend the cord and draw the circumference from one side of the cardboard to the adjacent side, and cut it. Fold it to make your cone and tape the ends to keep it in place. Repeat until you have seven cones and then tape them on your piñata. You can add one or two layers of newspaper and glue to secure them to the piñata.


Step 3: Add color to your piñata

The color will depend a lot on your creativity and what you want it to look like. The easiest way is to cut tissue paper into small squares. Coat the base of your piñata with that mixture of glue and water and stick each square of paper only from the center and bring the rest upwards to create volume. Cover the entire piñata, leaving the spikes bare. You can now use crepe paper to decorate the cones. The traditional piñata decoration consists of cutting strips of crepe paper and folding them in half. Make vertical cuts on the folded side without reaching the end. Glue these strips to the cones while alternating the colors for a more colorful and intricate look. Last but not least, make seven tassels and glue them to the ends of your spikes.

Step 4: Fill it 

Once you’re happy with your design, fill the piñata with traditional fruit of the season and other treats like sugar canes, peanuts, tangerines, and tejocote (Mexican hawthorn). You can also add some of your favorite candy. 


Step 5: Break it with all your might!

Making your own piñata is a very special way to embrace the celebrations and to make something yourself. It’s not a fast process, but it’s definitely a very fun and relaxing craft that will bring joy to all your guests. Besides, doing these kinds of things really helps you understand and appreciate the lengths artisans go to to create amazing and out-of-this-world designs. So, now that you know how to make a piñata, bring joy to your posada with your own design.

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