6 Ways To Decorate Your Room According To Your Personality Type

Your bedroom isn't just a place to keep your things and sleep. It should be a sanctuary that reflects all your tastes and personality.

Sometimes with school, work, or any activity we engage in throughout the day we really don’t think about the importance of our bedrooms. It’s common to have the impression that we spend most of our day outside, and for that reason we don’t pay too much attention to the decoration of our bedrooms. However, I’ve always thought that having a tidy room organized and decorated according to our tastes and personality type is really helpful to fully relax and get rid from the stress of a difficult and long day.

It’s a general belief that having a house reformation takes a lot of money, effort, and time, and for that reason, it’s also easy to just leave our room as it is. But let me tell you that arranging your room according to your own taste is doable without having to spend tons of time and money. The key here is to think about your needs. At the end of the day you want to turn that space into your own personal sanctuary that makes you feel comfortable and at peace. For that matter, colors, objects, the arrangement of furniture, and decoration are key. If you want to know how to show all those creative ideas that go hand in hand with your personality, take a look at these:


Studio for creative souls

Since I’ve always considered myself a creative person who loves doing crafts, for me it has always been a priority to have a specific spot in my room to store my materials and a little desk to work. Now, I haven’t always had too much space in my home, so I’ve always had a mini studio inside my room. If that’s your case, let me tell you that this isn’t only a very practical workplace, but it also gives the room a vibe that will encourage you to work comfortably in your own space. There are many ways you can store material. It could be in nice boxes or in your own closet. A great idea to spark your creativity is showing your work on your walls (if you’re a painter, you can even use them as your canvas) or place works from your favorite artist to add some beauty to your place. 

Colorful and bold shrine

If you take a look at most of the websites devoted to home decor, you’ll see that many bedroom ideas are based on monochromatic palettes. Yes, it's nice, but they use kind of boring colors. In other words, they're too department store catalogue, for my taste. If you’re a bold and audacious person, you’re probably looking for some colorful ideas to match your vibrant personality. One great way to do it in a cohesive and contrasting way is by searching for color palettes you like and assembling them in your room. As an extra tip, one perfect way to play with the colors is to consider the design of your bed cover, so that it matches the overall look of your bedroom.


Calm fortress of solitude

Contrary to the previous point, there are people who like to decorate their rooms with neutral colors to create a calm atmosphere. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to follow a boring arrangement of your furniture nor those monochromatic colors that are so popular. Sober isn’t always a synonym of serenity. The trick is creating the perfect atmosphere to feel comfortable and relaxed. Plants, candles, small water fountains, and tidiness are essential to create the perfect fortress of solitude. 

Adventurer's dream hall

One would think that the only way to honor your love for outdoor activities and adventures is to hang posters or photographs of your favorite places on your walls and that’s it. However, that would be just an easy and, in my opinion, boring way to do so. Honoring your adventurous spirit isn’t just adding some cool pics. Have a specific place in your room that reminds you of your passion for adventure. To do so you can set your bike to decorate the head of your bed, as well as all the cool props you take out on your adventures. Once you have this special place, you can actually decorate it with some incredible photos, maps, or posters of your favorite spots or any kind of memorabilia that alludes to this activity. 


Every book worm’s desired corner

I think you’re probably getting the whole idea. It’s not just decorating according to the things you like but building a space where you can actually enjoy these tastes and passions. For that reason, it’s important to devote a spot to become the perfect place for you to read and keep your books. Now, decoration can also play an important role in creating the perfect atmosphere for your reading sessions. There are very creative ways to adapt books into your furniture, like creating coffee tables with books as the table legs, or even pile them to build shelves or a bench. Another great idea is to use the covers of your favorite books and assemble them to create an artwork for your walls or your headboard. While rearranging your room, consider that's important to have a good lighting in the room, so you can really enjoy those reading sessions without harming your eyes.

Ode to elegance


If you have a huge esthetic taste and style, it's likely that you’re more into this type of decoration. There are many ways to decorate your bedroom in an elegant way. It could be appealing to sumptuousness and getting very showy ornaments, or going for a minimalist decoration. In the first case, not everything expensive is elegant by definition, so bear in mind the composition and harmony of your furniture. In the second case, minimalism isn’t only about restricting the number of items you have in your room. It’s about selecting the necessary things you have and basing the decorative objects on a cohesive design.

Just as there are many styles and currents you can follow to decorate your room, it’s crucial to do it according to your own hobbies and activities. Make your room a sanctuary where you can develop your own activities, turning that space into a reflection of your own personality.


Cover photo from Unsplash: Kinga Cichewicz

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