13 Illustrations About Feeling Lonely Even When Youre With Someone

Because being with someone doesnt always mean that they are there with you.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you're with someone you like, and you realize that they're not paying attention to you, or they're bored. It's a clear sign that they're not interested in you, and it can make you feel differently about them. For example, let’s say you are out on a date with someone, and while you are trying to find out more about this person, by asking questions and hearing what they have to say, they don’t seem interested in doing the same with you. Instead, they pull out their phone, get distracted, and even interrupt you with random anecdotes. These actions can make us feel isolated and unimportant. And if you are having difficulties seeing the reality of these situations, the following illustrations will show you how loneliness can be felt even when we are technically "with" someone.

These vector-art illustrations by artist Nono Astro Irareza are inspired by the cruel and harsh reality of the loneliness we have to live with sometimes. His illustrations represent the unnecessary situations we put ourselves in by allowing others to ignore us and by paying too much attention to our social-media persona. For instance, we could have thousands of followers and receive very nice DMs and comments on our pictures from people on the other side of the screen, but it doesn't really matter if we don’t have someone who can listen to our problems, or a caring soul that can tell us how special we are.

Ironically, loneliness and isolation come to us during moments when we are surrounded by friends, family, and even our partners. Although we are physically present in those moments, if others don't try to make us feel welcome and valuable, we start feeling like we don’t fit in, and the uncomfortable frustration of having no one to talk to and feeling like we matter less can take over us. But you shouldn’t feel this way. You could replace that toxic sensation of emptiness and solitude for happiness and comfort, if you tell people how you feel and start socializing. Social media has deteriorated our social skills, and while you can easily get 100 followers with one post, starting a conversation with someone you don't know can seem as a harder task.

The best way to tackle these moments of dissolution is by making an effort to try to fit in at social gatherings – I know this can be hard to do, but with practice, it becomes easy. Something as simple as a smile gives others the initiative to wanna talk to you. As far as being constantly ignored by a significant other, there is nothing more clear and effective than opening your heart to that person and expressing how you really feel and how their actions (whether intentional or not) affect you. After that, if they keep putting you aside or replacing you for a bright screen in their hand, consider the fact that this person isn’t appreciating how special you are and that things probably won’t change.

There is no need for us to feel isolated by the actions of our friends, family, or significant others. Although we might find comfort on social media, nothing will fill the emptiness of being alone in our hearts as having a special someone next to us. So, keeping this feeling to ourselves will only cause us more pain and inner isolation. We sometimes allow others to make us feel this way because we want to make things work with them or because we simply don’t know how deal with it. The best solution here is to look at these images and reflect about the situations we encounter. Being honest to yourself and to others will spare you the lonely moments that bring us down.

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