13 Illustrations By Haruna Hiraizumi About A Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Falling in love happens to all of us, but only a chosen few get the kind of love that lasts for a lifetime. These tender and wholesome illustrations by Haruna Hiraizumi are perfect to understand that the details are what keeps the spark alive.

By Carolina Romero

We met by chance. From being an accepted "friend suggestion," you turned into the person who liked all my FB posts. I held back a bit –I didn't want to seem desperate–, but I really wanted to do the same. Everything you shared was so funny and interesting that I felt a growing need to get to know you better.


A mere "hi" I sent you turned into our first date. And for our second date, which was supposed to happen a week later, we met the next day, neither of us could wait that long. Only three months passed and we took a leap of faith and moved in together. 

I am not sure how, but that was two years ago. Sometimes I wonder what have we done to keep the flame of our love still going strong. I think these things have helped.


We say "I love you" for no reason

Any given morning, for no reason at all, we whisper sweet things to each other. We don't need a special occasion –a birthday or our anniversary– to say "I love you." Any moment is perfect to do it.

Less partying, more naps 

Saturday afternoon is perfect to stay in instead of going out to party. Feeling the warmth of our bodies together and the beat of our hearts is enough. If the world ended right then, we would die happy.


Our existential dilemmas every morning

While we drink some coffee, we tell each other our craziest and most absurd thoughts about the universe, what we wanted to be when we were little, and what we want in a few years. We discuss everything, from the meaning of life to why pineapple on pizza is the best thing ever invented.

We share our passions

We don't like the same things, and that is great. Because of our differences, we can discover a thousand things about each other. We like to listen to each other and see how excited we get when we talk about the things we love.


We make each other feel safe

No matter the time or place, we feel completely safe with each other. We don't need to brush our hair or wear our best clothes: we are who we are and we are okay with that.

Being there for each other

I don't need to tell you when I am sad. And if you are scared, I don't need you to tell me all the details about what happened. We both understand what the other is feeling and we know that a long and warm embrace will make everything better.


We leave room for new things

Our blood still runs hot for each other. Every time we are close, we need to touch each other. We still fantasize about each other and are always looking for ways to surprise each other and we avoid boring and monotonous sex.

We say "I am sorry"

What we feel is stronger and more powerful than our ego. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge it and apologize sincerely. NO matter who made the mistake. We both let our walls down and understand that being with each other is more important than winning an argument.


The best sex ever

We take our time in bed. We are patient and loving. We always think of each other. We learn the things we like and how to give each other pleasure.

We fight

Our relationship is not perfect. Is there such a thing? We fight. We get angry. We disagree, we make a myriad of mistakes. But we have made a pact: after every fight, we have to reconcile.


We say "thank you"

From the bottom of our hearts we thank the universe for the fact that we found each other. We know the world is a better place because we are together and we are sincerely thankful for that.

We are our own home

It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together. Being with each other is the only home we know. We are our home: our safe place, our warm place, our own love.


These illustrations belong to Haruna Hiraizumi, a Japanese artist who studied Art and Design at the University of Tokyo and now does commissions. The subjects she usually draws are women, couples, and animals. With soft lines and pastel tones, she creates an imaginary world full of innocence, love, and fantasy. Follow her on Instagram and visit her website to know more about her work.

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