Illustrations Of The Perfect Life Every Young Woman Dreams Of

Illustrations Of The Perfect Life Every Young Woman Dreams Of

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By: Diana Garrido

March 24, 2017

Design Illustrations Of The Perfect Life Every Young Woman Dreams Of
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By: Diana Garrido

March 24, 2017

There are several women who dream of living out the fantasy life of being the protagonist in chick flick. Not only do they have great jobs, fantastic apartments, and an extensive wardrobe, they also get to find true and everlasting love. They go through a few hurdles but, in the end, they succeed through the help of their BFF, fate, and of course inner strength. These movies full of romance, comedy, and life lessons have shaped the ideals women were expected to strive for throughout the different moments in recent history.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Cake-w636-h600

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Hangover-w636-h600

However, the internet has changed the ideal for millennial women. They’re young, hardworking, independent, and creative. Yet they can also be open, smart, and funny. It’s this conjunction of traits that French illustrator Marie Margo reframes through simple sketches that are cute, whimsical, and full of heart.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Sneakers-w636-h600

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Onion Cold-w636-h600

Margo shows her solidarity with nature and animals through her eco-friendly drawings featuring flowers and leaves. In turn, these added elements help her characters come to life on the page. She also adapts her work within other scenarios. She places them with food, a day out, or random situations where sketches join her on her daily routine.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Pills-w636-h600

Women from anywhere in the world can connect with the stories shown in her art. They might dream of having a morning cappuccino, an afternoon walk with their partner, and a day of snuggles with their pet. But Margo does not only depict ideal moments. She captures bad days when the only thing that can help is curling under a fluffy comforter, or when some slices of pizza can make everything better.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Rose-w636-h600

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Facepalm-w636-h600

Among her illustrations we find ordinary moments in her day to day life. She portrays feelings and moods with a slight wink or smile from her character, who’s an artistic version of herself.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Glasses-w636-h600

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo  Carrot-w636-h600

Food, animals, friends, and nature are just some of the key elements in her series. Margo draws the world as she experiences it, hoping others will see themselves in her sketches.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo  Eraser-w636-h600

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo  Winter-w636-h600
Through simple lines, black and white coloring, and scenes from the everyday, Margo expresses how the best moments in life are those where the little things can make anything extraordinary, just like a piece of paper and creativity can show the inner hopes of the modern young adult woman.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo Cactus-w636-h600

Marie Margo blends the personalities of female protagonists to create the new kind of female role model who is not just a work of fiction or cinema. This pencil-drawn character reminds us how a woman’s life is made up of simple and complex details alike.

Illustrations Womanhood Marie Margo -w636-h600

Creativity and a little bit of self-mockery make this artist’s drawings the perfect pick-me-up after a long day. If you feel you need some comfort in the form of a cheesy movie, but don’t have the time to watch it, a little sketch like this can make all the difference.

You can check out more of Marie Margot's work on her Instagram account. 

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