Illustrations By Artist Jeong Hyocheon That Show How Your Gaze Is Enough To Light Up My World

Sometimes a gaze is enough to say I love you.

I want to believe that with a single gaze I can reveal all the emotions you have tucked away in your heart. As I lean my forehead against yours and graze your hair with my fingertips, I know that a single look will be enough for you to know how much I love you.

The greatest cynics in life become the greatest romantics when they fall in love. Those that scoff when they hear things like "eyes are a window to the soul" later find themselves staring deeply into the eyes of their significant other. Love can be temperate and sweet, but it can also be intense and so passionate it overwhelms all other things. It is the latter that South Korean artist, Jeong Hyocheon captures in her heartwarming illustrations.

We can't help but be caught by the moments of tenderness shared by her protagonists. By depicting these intimate episodes, Hyocheon shows us that it is those relaxing moments that should be cherished the most. Simple and meaningful actions are the buildings blocks of a powerful relationship.

Though it’s extremely romantic Hyocheon’s work doesn’t feel cheesy or idealized. On the contrary, she reminds you of how colorful and beautiful it can be when you are falling in love. By merging pastels with bright hues she creates a snug atmosphere that invites you to enter into her romantic universe and step into the shoes of her protagonists.

Hyochenon is an incredibly dynamic artist who employs different styles and techniques but always with a romantic undertone. The flushed cheeks and glazed eyes of her characters make us long for that intense love.

What I really like about her illustrations is the emphasis she gives to the process of falling in love and how bonds are strengthened by the little things in life. Each illustration reminds us to hold the hand of our significant other and those we hold dear, because that is what life is all about, to cherish those simple moments and work hard to make them even better. So, even the hardest of cynics deep down will long for a love as shown above because that is what we all truly desire in life, a beautiful and most importantly, honest love.

If you want to see more of her work take a look at her Instagram account: @poetic.persona


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