The Instagram Artist Who Knows Orgasmic Pleasure Takes You To The Cosmos

Kingasarts illustrations will take you on a pleasureable journey to outer space.

I once heard the legend about Nut, the Egyptian sky goddess. They said she was a naked woman, embracing her husband, the earth god Geb, as she lay over him. Her dark skin and the void blackness of outer space were both covered in gleaming silver stars, all shining with joyous delight as she approached her beloved. The never-ending embrace and constant union of these two deities eventually led Nut to become pregnant, but the greatest god of them all, the almighty sun god Ra, wouldn’t allow her to have her children, afraid that they would dethrone him as the most powerful deity in the universe. Nut asked for help from the wise god Thoth, and he tricked the moon god so he would give him some light and add five more days to the calendar. Throughout those days, Nut gave birth to her children. However, Ra wouldn’t allow her to get away with it. To punish Nut, he asked her father, the wind god Shu, to separate her from her beloved Geb, and so he did.

Since then, the wind hinders the embrace of Nut and Geb, as they yearn to be together once more. However, every night, when Ra leaves this land and embarks on a journey into the underworld, Nut descends closer to the land, surrounding it in her darkness and starlit embrace, to join her lover again. Legend says that the stars on her skin shine the brightest when both their bodies touch on the horizon in an eternal second of pure ecstasy and bliss. You just have to look up to see those trembling glimmers splattered on the velvety darkness. That’s when the goddess’s pleasure and the yearning to touch her lover’s body, kiss him, and hold him once more have reached their climax.


The moment pleasure reaches its peak lasts only a few seconds. And yet, in that fleeting instant, you feel like you're reaching outer space, like you can even hold the greatest star in your hands. You feel enveloped by the silver light of all those stellar bodies, galaxies, and fiery comets, reached by the stirring touch of the night and the thousand crowns of the farthest suns. That is the extent of orgasmic pleasure, accurately depicted in these illustrations by Kingasart.

There is almost no information available about the artist. However, Kingasart’s images convey the enticing moments of pleasure during sex, accompanied by starry background or a contrast between the star-filled skins and black and white bodies. While the illustrations could seem simplistic at first sight, the visual contrast in each of them represents the opposed yet synchronized forces of two bodies as they join in the greatest moment of ecstasy. Perhaps there is no better way to depict the delightful moment of an orgasm in visual terms, and the artist knows it.

Nonetheless, not everything is about that moment of pleasure, but also the intimacy that comes with it. These illustrations are about that recognition too, the joining of hands, and the final touch of bodies, as if there were an underlying denial of letting go of the other person, one last attempt to touch the cosmos once again in a final embrace. But as these images show, do we really need someone else to reach that otherworldly delight? Maybe the path to that starry climax is just at the reach of the hand.

We can’t deny there’s both an empowering and enticing quality in Kingasart’s work. If you want to take a look at more of their illustrations, check out their Instagram page.


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