These Painfully Stirring Illustrations Will Remind You Of The One That Got Away

Egyptian illustrator Lamiaa Ameen creates dreamlike illustrations that anyone with a broken heart will identify with.

They say time heals everything, and it kind of does, but the scars heartbreak leaves can stay forever. It isn’t only about the pain, it's the constant questioning of what if that person was really the one, what if you’ll never find someone who rocks your world the way they did, what if you’ll never love with the same intensity? That feeling of doubt ends up creating a link to the past that is hard to break, and it’s in that emotional vortex of uncertainty, doubt, nostalgia, and pain, where Lamiaa Ameen’s illustrations live. 

Born in Cairo, Egypt, this artist, illustrator, and art director has become an Instagram sensation thanks to her dreamlike and evocative illustrations about love and heartbreak. Ameen puts her subjects in surreal and colorful settings where time seems to stand still, making them more universal and relatable for everybody.


Most of her work on Instagram is digital. However, she also works with all sorts of materials and techniques such as oil, ink, and pastels; anything that the narrative she’s creating needs to convey a more powerful message and move us just by looking at it. 

Though she juggles her regular job as an art director and a mother, she always finds some time after midnight to create more visual stories in these wondrous scenarios. For her, drawing is the way in which she feels more comfortable to explore her emotions and feelings that, at the end of the day, end up being emotions we all experience at least once in our lifetime.


Lamiaa Ameen draws inspiration not only from her own life and experiences, but also from details she sees in everyday life, from birds to people reacting to their environments. That’s why the situations she depicts in her illustrations end up being so relatable; they’re everybody’s experiences and struggles. 

Here are some of her most moving illustrations, so you can see for yourself:

You can follow her work on Instagram at: @lamiaa.ameen


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