Lip Blush: The Natural Lip Tattoo Trend You Should Try For That Cool Pout

Lip Blush: The Natural Lip Tattoo Trend You Should Try For That Cool Pout

Here's everything you need to know about this new lip tattoo trend and why you should give it a try.

I have to be honest with you guys: I’m a bit as shocked as you might be after reading this. I love tattoos but I’m not a particular fan of cosmetic tattoos, not to mention tattooing my face, so naturally, I was extremely curious (maybe out of morbid interest) to see what was this lip tattoo trend about. I must admit that out of ignorance I was pretty sure it was just filling all your lips with a determined color or that hideously popular trend of just tattooing the contour of the lips. Well, I was completely wrong. Actually, when I learned more about the lip blush trend, I considered it, well, if I can get over my fear of someone pinching my face with needles. So, let’s see what this is all about.

Lip Blush: The Natural Lip Tattoo Trend You Should Try For That Cool Pout 1

As I said, this trend has nothing to do with what we initially might think. Inspired by the contouring trend that rocked the beauty world and the many products that allegedly help you have thicker lips without surgery, cosmetic tattoo artists started looking for ways to get a natural-looking puffy pout without having to resort to ridiculous gadgets or having to get stuff injected on them. So, they came up with lip blush. This type of tattoo creates subtle shadows and highlights on your mouth that make your lips look bigger and add a natural shine, similar to that of lip tints. According to Melissa Brockfield, one of the tattoo artists that offers the service, your pout will look as if you had just eaten a cherry popsicle without having to apply any makeup at all. This is all about creating an illusion in the most natural way possible; this means that your lips won’t actually get bigger or fuller but they'll look like that.

By defining the lips with special natural inks (they're not the same you’d get for a normal tattoo), each stroke will imitate the natural creases of your lips and fill them with the perfect hue according to your skin color. So, as you can see, this isn’t something you might just go get on a boring Saturday. You have to make an appointment and see what’s the best tonality for you. The artist will also check your medical record to see if you’re allergic or sensitive to certain products, and only then they can start the procedure.

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Also known as “candy lips,” “contour lips,” and even “kissable lips,” the actual procedure lasts about an hour and it heals relatively quickly. Only for a couple of days you'll have to avoid irritating foods and apply creams to help your skin heal easier and prevent infections. Other than that, you’ll be able to rock your new blush pout in just a matter of days. What’s great is that the pigments will last from two to five years (according to each person’s reaction to them) before having to do some refill, so you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

One of the things I was dubious about was the fact that this is quite a semi-permanent procedure, and I usually get bored of wearing the same colors every single day. As Brockfield explains, it's important to notice that lip blush isn’t a procedure that will make your lips look as if you were wearing lipstick. It’s just a way to make them look more naturally filled and add some vivacity to your skin, so it’s perfect for a no-makeup look with an extra glow. Having that in mind, you can use as many lipsticks as you want without putting the procedure in jeopardy.

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There’s no doubt that new technologies are helping us reduce time in our makeup sessions or giving us a natural extra touch in our looks, and lip blush, as well as microblading, are the top procedures to do so. Of course, it’s important to take this as seriously as you would do with any tattoo or cosmetic procedure. For that reason, you must be sure that the person making it is a certified professional and that the tools follow sanitary requirements. Leaving that aside, enjoy the process and be ready to rock those gorgeous blush lips.

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