8 Effortless DIY Ideas To Organize Makeup According To Your Personality Type

Change your makeup vanity from messy to fabulous chic with these ideas that will match your taste and personality.

Makeup is sneaky, once it gets hold of you there's no way out. I miss those the days when I just had a little bag with the essentials, you know, eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm. Now, I have boxes of stuff I haven’t even used and that I don’t really know where to put them. My makeup has taken over my desk and as I look at the mess, I know i'm not the only one. So, I decided to look for inspiration that will help me sort out my mess and create a particular look that suits my needs and personality.

The Eco-friendly diva

If you are opting for environmentally friendly make up, organic, animal test free products, then your space should reflect that. This eco friendly style is the easiest and cheapest to achieve from the list. You can use spare wood or repurpose old furniture. The trick is painting or treating the material so these look timeless and modern. Try organizing your makeup with repurposed boxes, or even old mason jars from your kitchen.


Pretty in Pink

There's nothing wrong with going overboard with pink, it's one of those colors you can become obsessed over. But in this case I prefer the simpler style that just have certain amount of pink elements to stand out.

Vintage soul

Like the eco-friendly style, this one will be so easy if you’re focusing on repurposing an old vanity desk or even a cool chair. Now, if you really want to embrace your vintage soul, the key is in decoration. I love vintage lamps and the treatment of the materials. The devil is in the details so here you have to be very picky with the materials you pick. You can paint your desk and store your stuff in nicely wrapped boxes.


Polished Minimalism

A minimalist style requires more patience and work than you’ll imagine, especially if you have tons of stuff like me. First throw away all the old make up and the products you never use and don't even like. Then make sure you have enough storage space so only the essentials are outside.

Elegance Is Your Style

We all like to feel sophisticated once in a while so your make up vanity should reflect that. Here I selected some lovely desks that have dark and black motifs. Just remember that most times less is more, so I wouldn’t really pack everything but actually use some nice vases to store your brushes, and use boxes and containers for the rest of your makeup.


Modern Starlet

We all love feeling like divas when it comes to our beauty routines. The key here is to look for statement pieces. You can either go for a very modern metal or industrial desk and a nice mirror as the center piece. You can also play with colors if you want a more vibrant look, or use with black and whites for a more minimalist look.

Boho Chic

While the eco-friendly idea is all about repurposing materials or even furniture, the idea behind boho chic has more to do with visual aesthetics that are on the edge of being modern. Woven chairs or knitted cushions are must and you can decorate your mirror with nice flowers and combine them with cute candles.


Bubbly beauty

Last but not least we have the one I actually went for in my room. I love colors, so I knew that I would make my vanity the statement piece of my room. Basically, my whole room is neutral except for my bright desk. The idea here is to express your bubbly personality through your decorations and play with colors, patterns, and materials to create a crazy and yet cohesive style. 

When we’re makeup lovers there’s no doubt you’ll start thinking about having a special place devoted to it, not only as a place to store it but as some sort of shrine where the magic happens. This also means that your vanity will take an important part of your space and for that reason, it must be somehow cohesive with your decoration and your personal taste.



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