12 Tattoo Designs Inspired By Nature's Beauty


Little by little the stigmas of tattoos have been shattered. Tattoos now are as normal as hair dye or piercings. For that reason, getting a unique tattoo no one has is way more difficult. But what about getting a tattoo that reflects your love for nature without recurring to the conventional tree, flower, plants, and simple animals? What about getting a collage of all your favorite elements of nature made with an amazing geometrical and colorful style? If you like that, check out the work of German tattoo artist Marta Lipinski.

Lipinski's amazing and original designs exude her knowledge in biology and chemistry, which she acquired from working as a lab technician. Her designs are based on contrasting elements. For instance, in some of her creations she uses black ink as the foundation and adds some hints of color to highlight the main elements of the design. Moreover, the mixture of styles make her tattoos unique works that are hard to replicate.

But how does a former lab technician ends up being a successful tattoo artist? Lipinski grew up in an artistic family, where art was breathed and consumed on a daily basis. From a very early age, she started drawing and painting, but she always wanted to pursue another career. However, from the moment she started her apprenticeship, she realized her goals were others. As she explains, the way she felt attracted to the tattoo scene was when she went with her partner to get a tattoo. Seeing the functioning of the machines and techniques, she found out it was something she wanted to do for a living.

More than being a tattoo artist with amazing ideas, her technique is also quite special. For starters, she only makes two tattoos per day, so all her attention is focused on making the perfect tattoo for the customer. But it goes beyond that. She sketches the main design –let's say a bird or some flowers–, but the other elements of the design are made with nonconventional elements. As you can see, there are geometric patterns and lines that enhance the main element, but instead of just drawing them, she uses everyday artifacts to get the results she wants. For instance, if she wants to add the close patterns of a net, she would literally use a metallic net, sink it in a bowl of ink and press it on the skin. In the same ways, she uses brushes, stamps, or even plates to create the desired patterns. This technique not only makes the experience special, but makes her designs one of a kind, since replicating the exact patterns is quite impossible.

Although this combination between nature and geometry might appear as a contrast in the tattoo, most of her inspiration, in fact, comes from the very essence of nature. There's no doubt that her designs look as some sort strange combination between nature and industrial themes, but the truth is that the patterns behind each design allude to the organic world itself. For instance, the hexagonal patterns allude to chemical formulas and motifs present in beehives, flowers, etc.

Unlike most tattoo artists, who focus on creating pieces that resemble what's in their mind, Lipinski puts a lot of her time to talk with her customers. If you want to get a tattoo from her, you must be patient because she has a tight schedule, but most importantly, she also includes a couple of previous appointments to get to know you and what you want, discuss ideas, approve the design, and finally make the tattoo.

Marta Lipinski is based in Leipzig and owns a tattoo studio called Dead Romanoff Tattoos. If you want to see more of her impressive designs, check her Instagram account: @martalipinski

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