Subtle And Beautiful Water Tattoos That Your Inner Mermaid Will Love

Mermaids are probably the most interesting mythological creatures out there. Their double-edged nature scares us and attracts us at the same time. If you feel your personality matches that of these goddesses of the sea, you should think about getting a tattoo that represents that nature.

Why do we love mermaids so much? The Little Mermaid (1989) is a great movie wth awesome songs that left a great mark on many of us, but I don't think it's the main reason why we love them. For thousands of years, these creatures have been enticing us so effectively that they’re still permanent characters in our imagination. While there’s no actual proof of their existence (how could there be?), to this day there are reported cases of sightings all over the world. But what do these beautiful mythological creatures have that makes us feel so drawn to them? 

They're literally everywhere: coffee shops and drinks, makeup brushes, clothes, accessories, and, of course, tattoos. It all makes me wonder: have you ever felt like you were a mermaid in another life? Um, who hasn't? That's probably the reason why we see mermaids everywhere! So, if that's the case, why not celebrate your wild and seductive essence with a beautiful tattoo? Now, getting a mermaid on your skin would be too obvious, so perhaps the best way to represent that nature is by getting a water tattoo that symbolizes your second home. There are so many ideas you can get inspiration from that will portray all the symbolism mermaids have acquired over time.

Mermaids have been around in folktales since forever. Even the Greeks weren’t the first ones to talk about them. Actually, in their tradition, they weren’t really half-woman and half-fish, but a combination of female and bird. However, it’s this story that got attached to the mermaids we know. Greek sirens had the ability to entice men at sea with their beautiful voices and chants, so that they led their ships to a terrible death. 

For many, mermaids were treacherous and deceiving femme fatales who used their beauty to enchant and trick men. For others, they were fantastic beings that only wanted to get more in touch with their human side. No matter how they were depicted, they’re powerful women who have something we all aspire to: the freedom to explore the vastest region of the planet, the seas. 

Mermaids represent danger, seduction, and an inescapable temptation that’s hard to resist. They’re also considered goddesses of the sea and powerful enchantresses. But as we mentioned before, they also represent that freedom to lose ourselves in the immensity of the sea, the unknown and alluring side of nature. We can dive into the ocean and witness its wonders, but for mermaids, this is their home, and they can explore every corner of this majestic environment without suffering the perilous dangers it offers.

They’re dual creatures with an immense power both under and above the the sea. They decide who is allowed to be part of their world and who doesn’t deserve it. With beauty that’s beyond imagination, they can make anyone follow them to do whatever they want, but more importantly, they’re the only owners of their destiny, and that, without a doubt, is perhaps their most alluring trait. Who doesn’t want that?


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