Tattoos That Show How Life Is Always Changing And Surprising

Tattoos That Show How Life Is Always Changing And Surprising

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

When is the best time to reflect, forgive, and start new beginnings? The phases of the moon will tell you

You have probably been distracted by the moon’s many phases that take place at night while driving your car, walking your dog down the street, or simply through the reflection of a window. The moon not only delights us with its shining performance of beauty at night but, according to NASA, the moon is responsible for our “planet’s wobble on its axis, leading to a relatively stable climate, and creating a tidal rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years.” Therefore, if the moon has the ability to control the ocean waves, can it also influence our bodies and fortune? Astrologists say it does. Knowing what the moon’s stages can do for you can help you understand the best time for motivation, creativity, manifestation, and transformations. For these reasons, getting the phases of the moon as a tattoo can not only be a representation of your devotion to the celestial body, but it can be worn as an original and fashionable design on your skin. Here are the meanings of the moon phases, next to some of the must-have moon tattoo ideas.

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New Moon: New Beginnings

The Moon is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun and takes place every 30 days. In astrology, this means a starting point and a perfect time to plan ahead, like planting a seed and and harvesting it six months later. In a tattoo, it can definitely mean you are starting a new chapter in your life.

Waxing Crescent: Set Intentions

During this phase, we are energized and we conceptualize on our purposes with focus on details. Waxing crescent, like all other crescents, are a beautiful looking designs of the edging shape of the moon, but I would say get a full moon set instead it to expand its meaning.

Tattoos That Show How Life Is Always Changing And Surprising 2

First Quarter: Take Action

A week after each new moon, this phase serves as a reminder to retake our decisions and goals and not forget about them. It reminds us to pick where we left off and complete our tasks. If you decide not to go for the full set of moon phases, this crescent as a tattoo idea tells that you are an organized and committed individual.

Waxing Gibbous: Edit and Refine

The missing part of a waning crescent, in this phase we remain patient and take a moment to contemplate our action and doings.

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Full Moon: Collect

Now, the moon is in the opposite side where it was during the new moon, meaning that it’s a sign full of energy and joy. In addition, it is the brightest and most astonishing phase of them all. A shoulder full moon tattoo will definitely tell you are happy and love big enjoyments.

Waning Gibbous: Give to Others

Release, receive, and give to others. This phase takes place after the full moon and it is telling us that the new moon is about to come. It’s shape is the opposite to waxing crescent and we are giving some of what we received to others.

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Last Quarter: Results

A week after the previous phase, it symbolizes the entering of the transformation era. It is a good time to breakdown, forgive, and readjust. If you place it next to all the other phases (as shown), you’ll get a beautiful and complete set.

Waning Crescent: Reflection

This is the last phase and the most beautiful crescent since it is facing right. According to astrology, this is a time where we feel worn out after all the hard work we've accomplished over the year. It is suggested to take it easy, reflect, relax, and prepare for the new moon phase to come, where we are to be repeat all 8 phases again.

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Whether you are confused or undecided about getting the full set of moons or not, I would strongly suggest on going for the full set since it is a year process that we all go through. Also, it just brings out our mystery and spiritual wisdom for people to appreciate.

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