Pretty In Pink: Step Into The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shop In Seoul

October 18, 2018

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instagrammable coffee shop in seoul

The city of Seoul is packed with novelties, blinking lights, and loud music. Not for anything Korea is the place of origin of the most recent music craze that took over the AMAs this year; but it also offers some solace for those who are looking for a more calm experience: cozy coffee shops.

Living in a city as big as Seoul can be overwhelming, especially when every little corner of it is brimming with products that are hands down the rarest and coolest finds. But this buzzing city also provides a wide range of cozy and beautiful getaways: coffee shops! Places where you can take a few minutes for yourself between shopping spree and shopping spree, while also taking THE most Instagrammable of pics!

Check it out!

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Picture by @madebygods13

instagrammable coffee shop in seoul 2

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South Koreans are passionate about coffee, and the competition to bring the best possible experience around a cup of hot dark caffeinated beverage is clear from the many options you will find in every street. Themed cafés are the most popular ones: animals, cartoons, famous people, movies, workshops, you name it; you’ll surely find it in Seoul.

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Almost everywhere in Seoul you’ll find carefully designed coffee shops, something for every taste, but Hongdae is without a doubt the best place to go on a café tour. The busy streets are always packed with young students from the nearby universities, and the area is known for its lively 24/7 entertainment scene; there are even some coffee shops open all night long.

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In the heart of this fashionable corner of Seoul, just a couple of blocks away from Hongdae’s Main Street (which you will immediately recognize from the line of buskers and dance performers), Stylenanda’s Pink Pool Cafe opens up a dizzying world of pink fantasy straight from the roaring 20s. Everything from the chairs and booths to the carefully selected cutlery will make you feel like you’re in a pink version of The Great Gatsby. I felt so out of place without a glamorous sequined flapper dress.

The menu and the desserts are right by the entrance, as if the impeccable interior design wasn’t enough to lure you inside. Once you’re past the threshold, you’ll catch a glimpse of the small indoor swimming pool, another one of its captivating features.

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Picture by @madebygods13

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If you’ve made it this far, give in to the delicious treats they have to offer, my favorites are the green tea latte and the strawberry milkshake. The pâtisseries are also a must.

The staff might seem a bit distant but they’ll gladly help you if are struggling to make up your mind. If you can make it into your itinerary next time you are in Seoul, make sure you go early on a week day, and you’ll have this sweet wonderland all to yourself.

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Picture by @madebygods13

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By Alejandra Soto


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