11 Creepy And Odd Mother's Day Cards To Freak Out Your Mom

These Mother’s Day vintage cards are everything but cute, which makes them the perfect call if you want to play your mom a little prank.

Mother’s Day is nothing but a mere commercial celebration in which we all feel forced to spend tons of money in order to give something special to our moms so we feel better about ourselves, as if it were some kind of atonement after being terrible sons and daughters throughout the rest of the year. Ok, so this is the speech haters’ love to hear for any of these festivities that  (Valentine’s Day is said to be their kryptonite). So, now that these haters got their validation, I guess we can move on.

While it’s true that there’s an exaggerated hype around this day, it’s also true that it’s cool to have a specific day to shower our beloved moms with gifts, love, and attention. But more importantly, it allows us to take a journey through history lane to see how creepy and odd festivities were in the past and how much fun we have (sometimes) by looking back at them from our modern and contemporary lenses.


This meticulous selection of vintage Mother’s Day cards isn’t only cringe worthy, whereas for their sexist or ridiculous ways of depicting motherhood, but also for their creepy and nonsensical messages. Still, these cards are worth a shot if you want to make a little prank to your mom in this very emotional day.

With love and best wishes, from your voodoo witch daughter.

Congrats mom… whatever. Oh, by the way, can you make me a sandwich?

That’s the exact face of disappointment my mom would give me if I ever dared to give her this card.

To a Wonderful Mother, here’s a lovely apron for you to look lovely while you work your head off the entire day. Precious.

Here mom, take this aim. I’ll try not to hit you.

Child labor isn’t funny, people!

This one isn’t creepy per se but it’s funny the carelessness of both the person who thought this was a meaningful card and the ones who bought it. For God’s sake! It’s a freaking pool with flowers!

Yeah…. ok....

From your daughter on Mother’s Day. I won’t even care to see you in person to give you this, but congrats!

When you make everything about yourself: “I’m smart, oh and by the way, happy mother’s day!

I only have one question, where’s that pole attached to?

So, which one you think would freak out your mother the most? Are you going for an insultingly sexist option, or a nonsensical one?

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