22 Tattoos For Those Who Hit Rock Bottom And Fought Back

22 Tattoos For Those Who Hit Rock Bottom And Fought Back

By: Cultura Colectiva -

When you hit rock bottom do you ever ask yourself, "Am I being fair with myself?" 


If your heart says yes, then don't despair; you will claw your way out of that dark slump. Let's be honest: a little dirt and grit thrown into your eyes as you lie there in the dust won't kill you; as they say, it will only make you stronger. Agony is worse than death, and a single fall doesn't put an end to pain; on the contrary, it makes it more intense. If you sometimes feel as if you cannot get up and climbing out of the abyss is a futile exercise, then it is time to find some new fuel so you can put yourself together again. Motivational tattoos are not to be scoffed at; on the contrary, they remind you and others that we all take a tumble, but it is the truly brave that pick themselves up again. 

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It all began with an ambiguous and sad quote and when I read it, I immediately identified with it: "I am full of imprecise desires, of a vagueness that lies like fog and covers my entire being and turns it into something airy, impersonal, and winged." Like a tired boxer, I don't have the strength to raise my hands against the incoming bludgeoning. If only someone could have whispered empty words like "everything will be ok" or "don't give up" maybe I could have had the strength to keep on going. After swallowing this bitter pill of reality, I went in search of other works by Roberto Arlt and see if any more of his phrases could cut to the bone.

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"Be honest with everyone and, above all, with yourself, even if you feel you are falling to pieces. Even if you are alone, isolated, and left bleeding. This is not a formula for happiness, I think not, but it will give you strength to examine the contents of life and whose apparitions deceive us continuously." It may be that books make people miserable, I have yet to meet a cheery soul that enjoys reading. I have seen that those individuals that thrive with books lead a complicated existence compared to those who shy away from the written word. The words of Roberto Arlt make me feel as if I am drowning in a well of tragedy. No! I don't wish to give up, so I would rather cram my mind with motivational phrases that can be etched on my skin. 

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If a negative sentence has the power to kill your spirit, simply imagine the influence a motivational quote may have on your life. A "smile, be here now" or "la vie est belle" are just powerful enough to help you climb up and leave the well of sadness behind. While there are writers who use their personal tragedies as fuel for their creative process, there are others who thrive in the light. Yes, there are bad moments in life, and it is the tedium and exhaustion that make you feel as if you are never going to move on. Motivational tattoos are not to be mocked, since each phrase has the power to lift the spirits of the wearer. It is up to you to find that special combination of words that will drag you into the light. As you look at that ink on your body, you'll be reminded not only of your struggles, but how you overcame them. 

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"Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it."
Lou Holtz
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