5 Mythological Creatures That Will Turn Your Next Tattoo Into An Epic Design

Mythical and magical, these creatures will surely make an ideal tattoo design.

I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say this: mythological creatures are awesome. They are so mystical and magical, you can’t help but love them. Even though we know we’ll never get to meet them in real life, there is something about these beings that makes us feel we can’t get enough of them. Books, cartoons, movies, drawings, tattoos: no matter where we find them, they are epic in every way.

They have been part of countless epic stories as villains, heroes, or sidekicks. None of these creatures are perfect, and they are not always the good guys in the story. They have their highs and lows. They are not always happy and sometimes they feel pretty lonely. Because of this, even though they are fictional, mythological creatures still feel real in a way. For some people, they are much more than just imaginary beasts. Quite often, they become their personal tokens or good luck charms.

Incredibly powerful and adorably weird, mythological creatures are so wonderful, they makes us feel we could have one of them as a pet. I mean, can you imagine? Riding to work on your majestic unicorn. Cool, right? Or traveling around the world on your dragon. It's just too good not to be true.

This is why hundreds of tattoo lovers (myself included) have considered getting a mystical design on their skin. And why shouldn’t we? With the proper artist and the right design, we could get some very epic ink. From all the mythological creatures we know and love, here are some cool options you should consider for your next tattoo:


In Norwegian, Kraken is the definite form of “krake,” a word designating an unhealthy animal or something twisted. Can you imagine a 50-feet-long squid bringing down pirate ships? It’s clear why people would like to have a kraken tattoo. Something so big and terrifying is pretty badass.


As many of us already know, the phoenix dies in a show of flames and smoke. This creature is particularly popular among tattoo fans. This is because the phoenix serves as a reminder that we can always start over. It can also represent that we can always redo our lives and feel like we are born again.


Yes, the famous magical horse has recently become so trendy to the point that we even have a unicorn emoji of it. While society has taught us that these creatures are girly and soft, just picture this: a huge horse running towards you with a pointed and possibly deadly horn. Those things are dangerous! Nevertheless, we love them. Unicorn tattoos are now as popular as roses and skulls were back in the day. So when you design yours, better be creative!


There are thousands of legends about mermaids and where to find them. People have very particular theories about their anatomy and irresistible beauty. Captivating and mesmerizing, there are also many stories about how dangerous they are. All in all, the mystery and attraction towards this half-human is ideal for a tattoo design, using them as a representation of esthetics and danger in one creature. Pretty cool, right?


Dragons are truly amazing. With or without wings, it makes no difference (well, some of them can fly and some of them can’t), they still rule. In the tattoo community, people choose dragons because of the power they represent. They are great and fearsome creatures, so they're the perfect accessory for our skin.


Mythological creatures are the way to go when it comes to tattoos. They are beautiful, mysterious and epic. Did these ideas inspire you to get some ink soon?


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