How To Decorate Your Room According To Your Neo-Bohemian Personality

With a gypsy and hippie vibe, the bohemian style will turn your room into a colorful fantasy.

It might seem weird but whenever I go to a person’s house for the first time I like looking at the style and decoration they have to understand them better. At the end of the day, no matter how simple it is, the way we arrange our stuff can say a lot about us, from our personality and even life history. However, with the exception of very rare cases, most of the time our homes (mine included) look like a very strange combination of styles and designs because at the end of the day, that’s who we are, a mishmash of tastes we reflect in our preferences. Now, it also happens that sometimes, you don’t find that mixture as appealing and you really want to follow a particular style, and fortunately there are many sources to help us get inspired to turn our home into a nice shelter we can feel comfortable and excited by. One of those styles in home decoration that’s gaining more and more popularity with time is the neo-bohemian style due to the range of colors and its unique and relaxing vibe. So, if you want to bring life to your place with this trend, take a look at these ideas.


The boho style is a modern trend that gets its inspiration from the bohemian and mainly hippie trends of the sixties and seventies. For that reason, most of the decorations that bring life to the style tend to be really vibrant in terms of color schemes and filled with intricate patterns. Having said that, one of the main tendencies for home decoration is the placing of curtains basically everywhere. Either working as doors in the frame, covering the bed, or even placed at windows, curtains can be real protagonists for this style. You can play with textures and colors, so, for instance, you could go for solid colors in your furniture and walls, and add that hint of color through curtains. Or if you’re not a fan of bright colors you can go for a neutral palette while focusing on the patterns and intricate designs that characterize the trend.



In the same way, some of the elements that are most commonly found in boho decor are rugs and fabrics placed basically everywhere. You can go for a regular flor rug or mat but if you want to go for more colors you can even use them as wall decorations like tapestries. This is a great idea if you’re renting or if you just simply don’t want to mess with the walls. These really bring a very cool and bright vibe to any room.

Patterned furniture and bedding

Following the same idea of the rugs, the boho style goes for really beautiful and intricate patterns to bring that true bohemian origin of the Romani. There are literally tons of furniture that already follow this style but achieving it isn’t that hard either. You could even try it with cushions or duvets and you’ll be good to go. The trick here, in my opinion, is to keep in mind which colors you want and how to combine them with your current furniture and wall decoration so that it looks even and cohesive and not just like a random combination of stuff.


Eco decorations

Appealing more to its hippie roots, another important element of this style is nature, of course. So, bearing that in mind a must in boho decorations are plants and ornaments that bring that nature essence to the room. This one is really easy to achieve since you can get as creative as you want. Aside from plants, you could create nice and functional decorations with a branch to hang your accessories or even to create a cool and unique rack for your clothes.


This actually has become one of the elements that characterize this new and modern bohemian style. I mean, you just have to search for home decoration in platforms like Pinterest and it’s very likely that at least one of the first ten will include a room decorated with Christmas lights. Again, this is very simple and besides adding a very nice touch it’s actually quite useful for this decoration that tends to look colorful making it harder for the natural light to bounce and become more beaming.


Vintage or reused furniture

Finally, if you want really to bring that nice, eco-friendly and stylish essence to your new boho room, you’ll really have to look for at least one vintage or reused furniture. The great thing about these is that they can be really affordable and you can even decorate them to your own taste so that it matches perfectly with your room design.

The great thing about the boho style is that it encourages you to reuse and find things that aren’t that expensive. Yes, there are many stores that have jumped into the trend, but you can actually achieve the full look without having to spend a lot of money on new or expensive stuff since basically, you can find it all at vintage stores or even do them by yourself. So, are you ready to turn your bedroom into a unique shrine to the relaxing boho style?


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