Illustrations Of How You Make Me Feel When Its Just Us

Never Forever creates images about love, heartbreak, obsession, and passion. Through soft lines and bright colors, these illustrations show how we feel when were with the person we love.

In one of his most comical and irreverent plays, The Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare makes his character, Duke Orsino, say one of the most quotable lines of all his work: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.” This might sound way too exaggerated for someone who hasn’t experienced love at its most intense stage, or maybe for the cynics, but just think about it. Leave aside the poetic tone of the words, and you'll see that it isn't as far-fetched as it first sounds. After all, didn't he depict in his plays and poems universal feelings and thoughts?

Now, we're not here to talk about Shakespeare and his work, but those intense emotions that love unveils in us. Once we've tasted it, we want more, and it becomes a need, a craving we can't satisfy so easily. And just as Duke Orsino suggests with these memorable words, not having the person you're infatuated by with you all the time provokes in us a void that’s hard to fill with anything else.

This doesn’t only apply to separation. Even when we’re happily in a love relationship, we wish we could stay together with that person all the time. It’s in those moments you share where the world becomes useless and irrelevant. Anything could be happening around you, and you won’t even notice it because your mind and soul are entirely focused on that person.

It’s that fervent sensation the other person makes you feel that fills you, leading you to want to forget about anything else except being wrapped in their arms. Time stops when you’re just cuddling on the bed, hugging, kissing, talking… It doesn’t matter. The only thing you care about is staying like that forever and not allowing anything else to disrupt that ardent and heartfelt moment.

This is what these illustrations portray, that need and urgency of being with the one we love. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Never Forever creates heartfelt illustrations of those passionate and intense emotions that unveil when we’re in love. However, this isn't always as lovingly as it seems. As the artist claims, these are drawings “for the hopelessly hopeful, the heartbroken and the heartbreakers,” and in that way, they convey a deeper and complex message than just the sensation of being in love.

These illustrations show us how love makes us feel, whether corresponded or not, but beyond that, most of the pieces show how that void when not being near that person at all times feels like. These are relatable visual stories of heartbreak, infatuation, lost loves, new loves, resentfulness, and above all, incompleteness. 

More importantly, what makes these images special, besides their artistic quality, is that they don't contain depressive messages telling you how awful love is. On the contrary, they show you that even when there are heartbreaks and unpleasant moments, there will never be something as intense as love. As the artist claims, these are images “(...) For those falling in love, falling out of love, falling for every bit of bullshit in between.” Just as Duke Orsino stated, I too want to have love in excess even if it kills me. Because at the end of the day, what’s life without passionate love?


You can see more of this illustrator’s work on Instagram: @never.forever


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