Obscure And Macabre Tattoos For Those In Love With The Occult

Occultism can be beautifully portrayed in creative designs.

There is something about art that can help us express anything that lies within our mind and heart, both the good and the bad, the colorful and the darkest ideas. Expressing this inner self through art can turn out to be one of the most therapeutic ways to deal with a personal issue. While writing, drawing, or dancing we somehow feel free, and the result is a beautiful work of art.

From time to time, expressing oneself can end up having very interesting results. Since we deal with a lot of different things throughout life, when we finally let it all out, the result may end up being a little bit striking for others. However, if they feel the same way as you do, they might actually get to connect in a special way with your work.

For tattoo artists, this is the key to a prosperous design style. It may be difficult at first to find the one element that people can find relatable or attractive (and also profitable!), but when they do, success arrives in the most natural way.

For CJ Tattooer (or Christopher Jade Cuevas), the key element to his amazing tattoo designs is the world of the macabre and the occult. He creates a world of mystery, esthetic, and epicness in impressive black tattoos that send intriguing messages. As he states in his website, "Death is freedom". While this message seems dark at first, this motto sums up the liberating quality of his work and his use of the macabre.

Macabre and occult tendencies are usually very attractive topics. We'll never be completely sure if it’s because the unknown itself is appealing for humans in general, or just because when it comes to beliefs, there are many people that actually relate to these stories and characters. Anyhow, CJ’s works have become widely popular.

Blending dark and intense designs with equally dark shading CJ has created a blackwork style that'll set your imagination on fire. Using elements of neo traditional tattooing, CJ's work is mostly based on the use of black ink, and while most of them might look elaborate, they're definitely worth it.

Humans, semi-humans, animals, and other characters take part of CJ’s work, which is high quality when it comes to fine lines and strange shapes. Original and detailed, his designs are a delight to our sight, even if we don't have one on our skin.

It’s both amazing and admirable that tattoo artists like CJ find a way to save themselves from everything that aches through art. It’s even more intriguing the fact that people respond to it in a very natural way. As much as they appreciate his work, having a design from this particular artist also means sharing his feelings and finding the liberating yet secret freedom that lies beneath the macabre. Besides, the very odd beauty behind the occult is a kind of design that not every artist gets to use in such a classy and creative way.


If you want to see more of his work, you can visit his Instagram page and his website.


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