21 Designs Thatll Prove Wrong Anyone Who Thinks Tattoos Cant Be Classy

Can a cute design beat other peoples prejudices towards tatoos?

A few years ago, I became friends with a girl who was going to med school. One day, while we were talking, the topic of tattoos came up, and she told me that she had a couple of them: one on her back and another one on her ankle. I was surprised because, as you might have guessed, I’d never seen them. “I got them there because I don’t want anyone to see them,” she told me. However, what she told me made me understand her need to keep them concealed. According to her, even though tattoos are not as frowned upon these days as they were some decades ago, there are still people who don’t trust doctors with visible tattoos because they think those designs break the image of cleanliness they must convey. She loved her tattoos, but loved her career too, and she knew that she had to work to earn her patients' trust, even if that implied making small sacrifices such as concealing the ink she’s so proud of.

After talking with her for a while, I wondered, “but what if you get a design so pretty and so classy that not even people with prejudices will think it’s ugly or dirty?” This situation made me realize that, although tattoos are being more accepted, there are still situations and environments in which they are thought of as distasteful or inappropriate for certain professions. However, I do believe that there are designs that can prove wrong anyone who thinks there’s no way a tattoo can be elegant, beautiful, and classy.

The best example of this are minimalist designs. They prove that you don’t need flashy or elaborate tattoos to convey a powerful meaning. You can use the natural lines of your body to make them stand out, or create subtle lines and dots that work as a gorgeous ornament for your fingers, your ankles, your wrists, or your ears. They aren’t showy, and yet, they’re so appealing that people won’t help but to look at them.

But if you’re not into minimalistic, black and white styles, watercolors and polychromatic designs always come in handy. To make them look classy, the key is to choose an artist that knows how to work with color. Also, your tattoo will look better if you get a design that makes the most of color, like roses, lilies, stars, or moons, to mention a few. You know that the world is a colorful place, and you want to carry that life with you.

Last but not least, leaving design aside, a key element to make a tattoo stand out and look gorgeous is the area where you get it. If you’re willing to let the world see your tattoo, choose those parts of your body where it will look the best. For instance, your back or your ribs are the best areas for cute and sexy designs. Ears are excellent if you want to use your tat as an accessory, and some ink on your arms can be great for long designs full of lines and crosses. This last area, in particular, is perfect so your skin can become the best canvas.


Later, I talked to my friend and showed her some of these designs. I believe she finally decided to give it a try and got a helix tattoo. As far as I know, she hasn’t had any problems with her patients. In fact, she loves showing it off, and she’s even considering getting another one on her arm.

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