Ornamental Tattoos That Turn Your Body Into A Living Piece Of Art

With these ornamental tattoos, youll show that beauty doesnt need an explanation.

Have you ever wondered since when were tattoos used as an esthetic expression? Well, as far as we know, the first tattooed humans lived around 5,000 years ago. As archaeological evidence shows, they lived and died around the Italian-Austrian border, and their tattoos had a therapeutic purpose. The patterns of dots and crosses that were found on specific body parts led researchers to conclude that they were meant to reduce pain. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that tattoos started with a practical function and evolved from there. Just imagine one of our ancestors looking at the dots and lines that were meant to alleviate their pain, finding them beautiful, and creating a new art from that pleasure.

One thousand years later, tattoos maintained some of their therapeutic qualities, but they also improved their esthetic traits. As it has been found on mummies from that period, Egyptian women had delicate lines and diamond patterns on their bodies they would use both as amulets and as ways to adorn their bodies. This might make us wonder, is there a big difference between the modern function of tattoos and these ancient examples? Do we also find something therapeutic about the painful process of getting a tattoo and the ritual of looking at it every morning?

Tattoos don’t need to have a clear purpose other than esthetic pleasure. However, a lot of people believe that they need to have profound stories, and they always expect those stories to be sublime, life-changing events, or deep concepts. When someone asks you about the meaning of your tattoo, you almost have to invent or improvise some satisfactory anecdote, because a random party isn't really the time to say that beauty doesn’t try to prove anything, that beauty is there to be witnessed without any explanation, and that the more beautiful something is, the harder it is to describe.

Beautiful things, like tattoos, save us from the constant pressure of interpretation, and from the logical and linear way of thinking that often restricts us. Ornamental art doesn’t fade away with time because beauty alone is an essential part of our well-being. The essential purpose of beauty is to stimulate our senses while allowing our loud, bothersome, and rational thoughts to go quiet for a second.


The lack of meaning doesn't really prevent us from enjoying what's in front of us. It's not necessary to understand first and feel later. The pleasure in beauty rarely has a rational explanation. That's what you can find in an ornamental tattoo, and those who get to look at the intricate patterns on your skin will surely feel the unexplainable delight of admiring something beautiful. Our ancestors were well aware of that. As we've seen, the first tattoos revolved around the therapeutic effects of esthetic creations.

While you admire these examples, think of how would you like to become your own art curator and turn your body into a living piece of art. Whether you're into geometrical patterns, floral designs, intricate mandalas, or artsy sets of lines and dots, you can choose a tattoo just for the pleasure of enhancing the beauty of your body. Just like you love to surround yourself with beautiful things by decorating your home, your office, and other personal spaces, you can do the same with your body.


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