Sensual Tattoos To Express Your Love For The Beauty In The Macabre

Violence can be beautiful, but these designs aren’t just about the physical aspects of it.

A lot of people believe that we, as humans, are frequently curious about cruel characters, their horrifying actions, and other kinds of terrifying events because a part of us wants to learn as much as possible about them so we can to survive similar situations in case we have to face them. From an evolutionary point of view, it makes sense, because it’s not hard to believe that our most curious ancestors were the ones who survived long enough to reproduce. But even if that’s not true, it’s still fascinating to think that our history could have ended up creating a bunch of humans who are particularly attracted to gruesome stories. But what happens when we're attracted to horrors that have nothing to teach us about survival?

Aside from horror films, we also love macabre images that show violence, cruelty, and death in beautiful ways. It could be a remnant of those old instincts, but whatever it is, artists around the world keep creating those images for purely esthetic pleasure, and we have plenty of options to choose from. If those beautifully gruesome images are what you’re looking for, Oozy, an illustrator and tattoo artist from South Korea, will satisfy all of your needs.

Artists like Oozy know that beautiful things are rarely perfect or ideal, and that pretty things only reach the quality of beauty when they have something extra, whether strange or shocking. Basically, the loveliest images need to contain a little evil to be truly stunning and hypnotizing. Whether we know it or not, we love to be reminded of death, of the fact that we have bodies that can be broken, hurt, and will unavoidably die and rot. What’s the best way to remember that every day? With a tattoo, of course.

The macabre can be alluring, but these kinds of images aren’t just about the superficial appearance of blood, pain, and lacerations. These images also convey the shocking contrasts of truly interesting and fascinating personalities. Just think about your favorite characters from film or TV. Are they entirely good or entirely bad? Probably not. The best characters are always nuanced: even the most noble heroes have violent tendencies and the most vicious villain has a tender spot. That’s why, among Oozy’s tattoo designs, you’ll also find a few iconic characters like the Puppet Master from Ghost in the Shell.

After taking a look at Oozy’s Instagram page, you’ll definitely want to have one of his designs on your skin. Even if gruesome images aren’t exactly what you want, their sensuality and mesmerizing eroticism will convince you. What’s so appealing about that combination? Death and sex, life and violence, cruelty and art… They superficially seem like opposite concepts, but when we see them all together through Oozy’s designs, we realize that there’s nothing more natural than that interaction.

If you want to see more of his work, take a look at his official Instagram page.

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