Come, Lets Take A Detour Into Our Most Depraved Fantasies With Petites Luxures Erotic Illustrations

Relax and let your passions run free while you look at these subtle yet highly erotic illustrations that portray all those things youve always wanted to do.

Don’t you love how we’ve standardized every part of our existence so much that we’re even told how to explore our drives during sex? Of course not. I’ve always found it kind of creepy and nonsensical that a bunch of people we don’t know or might never meet have decided what we're allowed to do in our intimacy. Terms such as "depravity" have come from that conservative eagerness to control every aspect of life. But why letting ourselves delve into our most intense passions should have such a negative connotation? Just take a look at the dictionary. Depravity is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “the quality or state of being corrupt, evil, or perverted.” If you search for the term on Google, it'll tell you it's a moral corruption. I know there are practices that are closer to cruelty and illegality, but why is standard sex also put in the same box as actual acts of perversion?

With that premise in mind, the anonymous illustrator that goes by the name Petites Luxures creates simple and minimalistic one-line images of all those kinky and sensuous pleasures of life that could even verge on what people think as depraved. In an interview given to Konbini, the artist was asked whether they started creating these images with the intention to de-demonize sex, to which they gave a very good answer we should all bear in mind whenever we think of the morals of sex.

For them, there’s nothing demonizing about sex. I’s as natural as sleeping or eating, and for that reason, we shouldn’t qualify it with that moral lens through which we understand life. They pose the question, why is a woman’s nipple “more disturbing than a sinking migrant boat”? Think about it: why are sex and pleasure more shocking for our conservative society than looking at all the devastation the world is enduring?

So, although they don’t create their images with that in mind, there’s no doubt that they’re making a very good statement on the matter. They even challenge all the censorship norms of social media with their subtle yet highly explicit images that, more than shocking us, invite us to live those passionate moments to the fullest. Isn’t it alluring to watch these characters enjoy and explore their sexuality in such a free way, without caring about the rest of the world? Isn’t it just wonderful how expressive they are, even if we can't see their faces?

This takes us to another subject on the illustrations. Just as the identity of the illustrator, their characters are equally mysterious, which gives the whole project an interesting air of anonymity that allows their intimacy to be explored in many different ways. The only thing we know about this artist is that they’re a graphic designer and art director living and working in Paris, and just with that information they’ve managed to make a stamp in today’s art world with a strong visual and intellectual statement. But why do their characters remain equally mysterious?

In the same interview, the artist claimed that the main reason behind their faceless figures is that it allows the spectator to take ownership of the scene they’re observing. The images, thus, become a mirror where we can see ourselves yielding to our deepest desires; they invite us to take the position of these characters and even surrender to those pleasures we’re sometimes afraid to explore in real life. So, are you ready to take a detour into your most depraved fantasies? 


If you want to see more of these enticing and steamy illustrations, take a look at the artist's official Instagram page: @petitesluxures


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